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The Press needs to wake up:

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The Press needs to wake up:

I never met the police officer that woke up one morning and said “ I think I will go out and shoot some innocent kid today”.I saw the headline about a boy that was shot by a police officer in New York “Cop fatally shoots 12-year-old who carried fake gun”

That should read 12 year old forces a cop to shoot him. Now the officer will carry that the rest of his life.

Many times in my career I have been confronted with the; Shoot No Shoot; situation. Once I was even called out into the street in the middle of a busy intersection for an old fashion shootout at high noon.

It went down like this A little before noon on a bright fall day in the late 70s the call center got a call from a teenage male stating I was to meet him at the corner of 12th and sunset, a main intersection in that part of the town. I’ll call it River City. It was in the days before S W A T. The caller said he had a gun and he was going to start shooting as soon as I showed up. We surrounded the area and cut off traffic in all directions. I approached from the south and stopped out of range. Three other units did the same as me from the other three directions.

He was there all right. No gun was visible but when he saw the patrol car he put his hand inside his vest. He started calling out to me to come out from behind cover. Two other units covered him with rifles while I kept his attention on me. The fourth officer an ex-marine with battlefield experience in Korea was behind him. While I kept his attention this Brave Officer travelled over 50 yards with no cover and blindsided the nut with the best open field tackle I have ever seen. I don’t believe he was ever properly recognized for that act of heroism. Perhaps because, as we discovered later, the kid was not armed.

Good Job Bob. You saved me and the other guys from some tacky headline that would have proclaimed that we shot an unarmed school boy in the middle of the street. In reality he was a thug that just got tired of living and wanted to end it all.

Whether it is Ferguson Missouri, New York City, or River City: Cops are confronted with these situations daily. I just wish the Press would give a little more thought as to how the headline reads. These brave men and women get to live with the knowledge that they had a part in the death of a kid and it isn’t pretty. Thug or not!

Just my thoughts on the subject:

S. Henry Knocker

Is the democratic brand being burned by this president?

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Is the democratic brand being burned by this president?
When I was a young man I identified with the Democratic Party and was one who thought Henry {scoop} Jackson would have made a great president. His conservative values with a touch of progressivism, strong stand on defense all combined to make him one of the best in my book. I doubt that a man like that could be elected in either party today. That’s how far we have come.

Now we have elected a man who is so far to the left that he can’t see progressivism in his rearview mirror. He is a week leader that hates what the country stands for. He is a bombastic liar either believing we are too stupid to see what he is, or he is so married to his socialist views that he just don’t care or give a dam what we think.

Who is to blame for this? The Democratic Party and the press are to blame. They went in lockstep down the path excusing the lies, excusing the use of the I R S to harass political enemies, and now they look the other way while this renegade tramples the constitution. This is the Democratic Party’s out house to cleanup. They made this mess and I look to them to wake up and clean it up.

The republicans need to stand back and let them clean house on this man. If they don’t we who are in democratically controlled states need to get rid of the sitting senators and representatives in the next primary election I would not wait for a general election to right this ship if I were you democrats. In my state it is Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell that need to step up or be shipped out.

I don’t call myself a democrat or republican I was a police officer for 30 years there for neutral by conscience in party affiliation. I rate my skin color as blue so don’t give me any of that racial crap.
A close read of my other blogs will fill in the rest

Warning! Democrats Get your house in order. Republicans You help them we need both of you in this or this republic will suffer.

Just My thoughts on the matter

S Henry Knocker

Today the president will sign an executive order.

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Today the president will sign an executive order.

Well good for him. Next he will try to explain it, and we, the American People, will be left thinking “were we just lied to again”? At some point we have to say to ourselves is it worth even turning him on at all?
The short answer is yes. I can tell you from my long experience as a Police Officer that if you want a conviction you have to let the “person of interest” talk just as long as it wants to. Take down every word before he lawyers up and begins to hide. As long as he thinks he is convincing us of his innocents he will keep sticking his head further into the noose. The man is surrounded by jail house lawyers so I say let him talk and Let the prosecutors question his.

Now let’s look at the crime. It is not that he advocates this or that. We are all free to do that. It is the way he and the others, he conspires with, that make him and his crowd criminals. I believe that the criminal conspiracy statutes are coming into play. I believe it is a fact that it is a federal crime to lie to a public official. Which public officials and by whom was the lying done? The C B O is one. What makes it a crime? Well a large amount of tax dollars was spent based on information supplied to the C B O by the framers of the Affordable Care Act. And congress acted on that information DDS (Dysfunctional do-gooder syndrome) notwithstanding. Just because the D do-gooders think it a fine thing, don’t mean they can break the law and lie to the C B O in order to get the job done. Now do you see why some in congress are scrambling to disavow that M I T professor? He may be smart, but he’s no criminal mastermind. We lied to the C B O. Really you hood winked the American Public. Really you did that? Well he said he did five or six times. Did the president make you do that? Did a group of two or more of you do that?

Is the president now continuing the lie by saying the “A C A won’t do EXACTLY what Gruber said it would”. Or dose the word EXACTLY get him by this suspicious utterance? This statement says to me he knows a hell of a lot more than he is letting on.

I don’t like the Politics in this. I want a special prosecutor. Do I think we will get one? Not really. I’ll hold back my reasoning on that till I see what the R’s will do.

S. Henry Knocker

Keystone, Seattle and D. D. S.

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Keystone, Seattle and D. D. S.(Dysfunctional do-gooder syndrome).

A hard of hearing Senate Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline Bill in a Close Vote. Thanks! Patty Murray; no work for the idle construction industry, and Seattle, my home town, thinks that spending money on family leave is so much more important than fixing a few pot holes.

Let’s see, how will they pay for this? OH yah they just raised your parking fees and are looking at raising property taxes. Well, now you can pay and feel good about it D. D. S.(Dysfunctional do-gooder syndrome). at its finest has come to Seattle and it will spread all over the country. Look people! we can do what California did but, we can do it better because we are smarter than those liberals. It didn’t work there because we were not in charge there right?

Now with the aide of the local news media, the Do the Minimum get the maximum government employees are going to rip us all off again. It is all going to be couched in all the best liberal spin (Lies) and the boiled frogs won’t even know what happened.

While not the best to turn to, the Republicans’ at least they fain fiscal responsibility.

There is a pattern that is a constant in the world of liberals and it is this. The liberals keep chowing at our back sides where our wallets are until they accidently hit a nerve. Then they say they are sorry. When we quiet down they are right back at it again, nipping a little here and there till they hit the nerve again. At some point the whole thing will collapse into the soup of a socialistic hell hole they think is paradise. If you don’t believe it look at where they have been in charge: California, Chicago, Detroit and on and on

People have got to start paying attention to the result rather than the promise.

S. Henry Knocker

MORE D. D. S. (Dysfunctional do-gooder syndrome).

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Children, every Police Officer, and I was one for 30 years, whom ever sweated a pack of rabid dogs is familiar with what we are witnessing from our President and the democratic party; the compulsion to lie in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The main stream press can be likened to the parents, who when confronted with the same evidence deny that their child could be involved.

Take the case of the boy harassing his neighbors in my book. The neighbors and 30 guests called me because he was doing it. I witnessed him doing it. He when confronted admitted doing it. Then his mother comes home and denies it occurred. Then the kid recants and denies it occurred.

It is classic D. D. S. (Dysfunctional do-gooder syndrome). Because they think they are doing some perceived good nothing else matters and you are a cad for pointing out the hypocrisy.

It is like the guy that sees a speeder and jumps out in front of the car to slow it down and causes the car to swerve and run over your grandmother. While you can see his point the effect is terrible, and then he says she was old anyway. They are never going to shut up or admit they did anything wrong, because their intention was so good. This is why Grandpa said “the road to hell is pave with good intentions”

Now we have this thing boiling up in Ferguson Missouri. All the DDS folks are out there and they will make the streets Hell on earth. All because they can’t see that a brazen thug got what he deserved. Like the KKK they will be secretly ashamed of themselves, but never admit it to anyone; but God knows, and you and I Know.

S. Henry Knocker

More examples of the “Due the minimum get the maximum” crowd

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More examples of the “Due the minimum get the maximum” crowd

The due the minimum folks are in charge of the due the maximum people in almost every branch of government. Because the folks in charge are so scared that an underling will make a misstep. They regulate effectiveness right out of the game. The problem gets worse when the top people try to enhance their images by continually seeking photo ops. I have had personal experience with this animal. I discuss this in my book; A View from the Street/ River City Policing. Coming out this winter.

The left acts tough, Sings songs about peace and then riots in the streets. They shake there fist at the police break windows, plant bombs, and commit murder. Then they run from the law till everyone forgets, and their supporters in the academia get them jobs in our colleges.

Why is this? I believe it is because our national D N A has been altered. Not Only should these anarchists be stripped of their professor ships, but the ones that hired them in the first place should be removed. Collage should never be used as an incubator for political decent. Collage is a place to learn the mechanics’ of how to learn, and teach. Political ideology has no place on our campuses. How did we let this happen?

First we let the socialist take over the schools and collages then they indoctrinated the press core and turned the majority of the press into rabid socialist. Now politics runs the nightly news. Next they will try to silence Fox News. Oh! That’s right they have already tried that, well they will try again. Next it will be the internet oh yah! They are trying that also. Why you say? It’s that pesky constitution. It won’t let them do what they want. No matter, they have most of the news media, so they ignore the parts they don’t like.

If Our D N A was fully functional we would arrest the conspirators, tar and feather them, and run them out on a rail.

But we will probably just do the minimum expect the maximum and wring our hands and go OH! MY! When the stuff hits the fan.

OR we could—— VOTE THEM OUT——- Stop buying their papers —— Stop wasting money sending our kids to those collages that higher anarchist. Just a thought.

S. Henry Knocker

You Can.t lie to your wallet

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You Can.t lie to your wallet

The Liberals will have us believe the lie that they are the smartest people in the land, and if we will just trust them, we can all live in a society that is all milk and honey. I wonder where they got that idea. The devil is a copycat.

Well Listen up! You can’t lie to your wallet! You can only ignore the fact that it is lighter. If you are poor that is a tall order.

There is a basic economic fact that there is no tax that doesn’t hit the poor! If you tax a corporation the corporation adjusts the way it compensates its self. Assuming they don’t fire people which they will, if they can. They either raise prices, lower quality or quantity or both. It is that simple. It will cost the consumer more to get goods and services. I Challenge any liberal to show me different.

The only argument the liberals have to tax us is that, they in their infinite wisdom can spend our money better than we can. Then they spend our money to buy themselves votes. Oh and by the way we have to hire them at obscene salaries to do the job.

&.When will we ever learn? &. When will we ever learn? Anyone want to sing along or better yet write this protest song?

I know you are out there, you defenders of the “Home of the Brave”. Stand up! Buckle up! Stand in the door! Jump up and VOTE THESE LYING THUGS OUT!

Well I’m glad I got that off my chest

How is the weather out your way? It has been a bit cool out here in liberal land, The Pacific North West. There are still a few of us trying to heat things up but we are up against the global warming crowed; and you know how that is.

Go Hawks

S. Henry Knocker

The Fact that the I R S Exists is proof that America is the Home Of the Brave

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The Fact that the I R S Exists is proof that America is the Home Of the Brave
We must love misery. We have lived under this sword for over 100 years.

Amendment XVI (1913)

“The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census of enumeration.”

You would think that after getting hit in the head every April 15th that the average citizen would call their congressmen and request they look into a better way of funding the government, one that required less paperwork for the tax payer. Why are we chained to all this paper and hours of computer time just so we don’t give the I R S any reason to Jail us.

I have not paid a dime in federal income tax in twenty years. Because of my disability retirement I don’t have to. One year my accountant said, “why it not necessary for you to file”, I said whoopee got that off my back. The next year I got slammed with an audit. I found out that it was better to pay the accountant than to strain the brain of the I R S. So for twenty years I have been paying an accountant to tell me and the IRS something that we [all] already know.

Now the IRS is in charge of our health care. Now they can kill me off and still make my kids dig me up so I can continue to file. Well that’s what I believe will happen. I think someone up there read Joseph Heller’s book Catch 22.

I think the better solution is a value added tax. The Government could still screw with us all day long by manipulating the tax on this or that, but we would not be doing the paper work as individuals. The company accountants would handle it and I could go fishing on the first two weeks of April instead of doing all that paperwork, and retirement might mean something. Even better if some of us don’t want to fund this or that we can just make all of our own stuff and get in trouble bootlegging. I’m sure we can keep the federal prisons full. They will hardly miss a beat. Nobody gets hurt and I can go fishing.

S. Henry knocker

Double down and lie some more

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Double down and lie some more

Nancy!— Nancy!— Nancy! You have stepped into the tar pit!

Ok it is not enough that the former Speaker of the House; Nancy Pelosi is seen as the voice of Obama Care. Now she is seen as the liar in chief of a Democratic Party; top heavy with Prevaricators. The new liberal wing of the Democratic Party seems bent on sticking to the “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”, tactic that the criminal element among us is so famous for.

What is the matter with you guys? You really do think we are stupid. Where are the voices from the left telling her to just shut up already!

OH, give me the days of Scoop Jackson and Tip O’Neil. Don’t you think you are giving us independents the impression that you have become a criminal element within the government?

It is time for new leaders in the Democratic Party. If there are any young Dem.’s with backbone now is the time to show it. These old curmudgeons have got to go, and by go, I mean go to jail, and here is why.

If you or I lie to a government official we will get 10 years for the lie and if you or I conspire with others in doing so, we will all get another 10 years for that. In the lead up to the passage to this national healthcare law they did exactly that to us. Who the Hell do they think they are?

There I have said my peace But I won’t hold my breath.

S Henry Knocker

The everybody does it defense

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The everybody does it defense

It seems that once again the political class is determined to spin their way out of a smelly situation. Yesterday on fox I saw no less than three of the regular apologist for the liberals come to the defense of the Americans are stupid comments, made by the architect of Obama care, by saying in effect everybody does it. The Republicans do it too. It’s just politics.

B.S. I’m not buying it! I’m sick and tired of these liars jumping out of the frying pan by pointing there boney fingers at the rest of us and trying to implicate everyone in their criminal behavior. Let me tell you what happened when I tried that with my grandfather when I was eight. Apparently these people never had a grandfather that loved them. Mine said this to me

“ I don’t care what the other boys did YOU are going to apologize to those you wronged. You will clean up the mess YOU made, and never do anything like this again, or I’ll fix it so YOU can’t sit down for a week”
Then my Dad, my Mother and two uncles said the same thing

Where do these political thieves get off? They reached in our wallets and went to the store and bought Ice cream for the whole neighborhood. Well the kids on the block love them, but it was at our expense, and some of us are going to have a hard time making ends meet this Christmas as a result. How dare they try to blow this off and smirk about it; Mr. Colmes!

You won’t laugh if I indict you as a criminal coconspirator.
Some of you liberals need to have your Grandpa talk.

Grandpa S. Henry Knocker