More examples of the “Due the minimum get the maximum” crowd

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More examples of the “Due the minimum get the maximum” crowd

The due the minimum folks are in charge of the due the maximum people in almost every branch of government. Because the folks in charge are so scared that an underling will make a misstep. They regulate effectiveness right out of the game. The problem gets worse when the top people try to enhance their images by continually seeking photo ops. I have had personal experience with this animal. I discuss this in my book; A View from the Street/ River City Policing. Coming out this winter.

The left acts tough, Sings songs about peace and then riots in the streets. They shake there fist at the police break windows, plant bombs, and commit murder. Then they run from the law till everyone forgets, and their supporters in the academia get them jobs in our colleges.

Why is this? I believe it is because our national D N A has been altered. Not Only should these anarchists be stripped of their professor ships, but the ones that hired them in the first place should be removed. Collage should never be used as an incubator for political decent. Collage is a place to learn the mechanics’ of how to learn, and teach. Political ideology has no place on our campuses. How did we let this happen?

First we let the socialist take over the schools and collages then they indoctrinated the press core and turned the majority of the press into rabid socialist. Now politics runs the nightly news. Next they will try to silence Fox News. Oh! That’s right they have already tried that, well they will try again. Next it will be the internet oh yah! They are trying that also. Why you say? It’s that pesky constitution. It won’t let them do what they want. No matter, they have most of the news media, so they ignore the parts they don’t like.

If Our D N A was fully functional we would arrest the conspirators, tar and feather them, and run them out on a rail.

But we will probably just do the minimum expect the maximum and wring our hands and go OH! MY! When the stuff hits the fan.

OR we could—— VOTE THEM OUT——- Stop buying their papers —— Stop wasting money sending our kids to those collages that higher anarchist. Just a thought.

S. Henry Knocker

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