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Bloody Joe Biden

The Biden administration is dripping with blood. Drugs, criminals, terrorists, every manor of thug, allowed to cross the border unimpeded smuggling drugs that are killing hundreds of our citizens every day. 0ver 700,000 last year. Nearly 100,000,000 got aways. Over 500,000,000 coming over the border in violation of the immigration laws. A virtual army of god knows what? People from over 150 countries, Many enemies our country.

What is to be done about this? according to the Biden administration, nothing to see here.

As a retired police officer I know for a Fact that if we want to stop criminals we have to give them ” A Reason Not To Do It” The congress seems paralyzed with pardison political dithering. The Biden Administration Radicals are taking full advantage of the situation to further an agenda to ” Transform the Nation” . To what end I ask?

They dare not say to what end, It looks like they are bent on the completed destruction of the nation. Every day we hear about the deterioration of the school system, Hamstringing of the police, wokeness in the military and justice system, and attacks on law-abiding citizens by the out of control overlords of wokeness at all levels of government. Parents harassed by FBI. CIA and FBI mixing in Elections meanwhile kids can’t read do math or answer basic questions about civics, yet they want to spend time and money on sexualizing children under the age of 8.

Its Time to stop this! Send in the Army to end the border issue,

Give Police Back “Qualified Immunity” get politics out of the FBI CIA IRS and other agencies. prohibit political donations by members of all government agencies, so as to remove politics and make promotions based on Merit. Change the school system back to a focus on reading writing , Math and history let none move on until they master reading writing and math. I for one don’t want to see some reporter do a “man on the street interview in a collage town and see 9 out of 10 young people not know questions like how many letters in the alphabet or what do the stars on the flag stand for!

Lets go _ _ _ _ _ _ _


S.Henry Knocker

The border mess : China threats

SUN TZU the art of war create a problem for your enemy that you believe they can’t solve , then solve it for them or let the problem destroy them or weaken them to the point of surrender.

The Chinese have created this fentanyl problem that is killing 300 of our citizens a day. they are in league with the Mexican cartels who are using this to expand their drug and sex trafficking markets in the U.S

the Democratic party and the Biden Whitehouse appear to be taking advantage of or are actively in league with both the cartels and the Chinese to further their own political agenda against the interest of the rest of us. Nobody seems to have a plan to stop this.

Here is an idea. First send the 4th infinitary division to seal the border with orders to shoot any cartel members bringing in drugs or smuggling people. if done right that should stop it all with out firing a shot.

Next begin the mass deportation of all who broke our laws by coming here. build WWII style internment camps to house all of our drug addicted homeless. Split the camps in half, one side for those that don’t want help. These, we will give all the drugs they want for free. This will cut off the incentive for the cartels to send their drugs into our country. on the other side we give the others aggressive treatment using churches ,NGOs and the V. A. to get them well. This approach will stop the drug war, rescue the cities homeless and reduce the crime rate by 80% . This will let us put more resources into life enriching programs with less emphasize on the need for police A win win as I see it.

We can set up a system where people who want to come to this country to work can apply in Mexico, or there own country, for jobs based on skills we need and with good behaviors’ a path to citizen ship.

S. Henry Knocker theknockerblog.com

Here we go again another nut case has shot up a school.

Blog 91 the knocker blog.com

Here we go again another nut case has shot up a school.

 Police officers have failed to respond to an obvious action required situation and you are all asking WHY?  Why would an officer that has such longevity on a police force fail to recognize when the situation requires that he or she put it all on the line.

I was in policing for 30 years I wrote my book “A view from the street /River City Policing” by S. Henry Knocker on this very subject.

The problem goes much deeper than you might think I wrote my book on this subject Doing the minimum and getting the maximum. This is an attitude that contributes to the failures that we witness throughout the public service arena and in private sector as well.

There are those that work around us that never measure up they can’t or won’t do the job and we tolerate this behavior. They do this to avoid complaints from the public. Doing nothing becomes a habit and when the stuff hits the fan they freeze. They haven’t done anything. They have no experiences to rely on. They have actually trained themselves to do nothing. Police administrations and politicians actually encourage this behavior. Weather it is deliberate or not I can’t say.

I can tell you what happened to me. I had a situation you can read about in my book. I was confronted with a man with a 30/30 rifle advancing toward me my choices were to run or stand my ground. It was a standoff I had my 9MM pointed right at him if he tried to move the rifle up to fire. I would have Shot this fool without one bit of remorse. Something told me not to, I let him walk up to me face to face then I bowled him over. We crashed threw a glass coffee table. I disarmed him and that was that I thought.

Well the New Chief at the time thought I should have run and let his new Swat team deal with a barricaded suspect in a residential area because that is what the book said at the time. Somehow turning my back on a 30/30 in the hands of a Known Nut Case was not that appealing to me at the time. The fool chief’s answer was well the gun turned out not to be loaded, and he put a letter of reprimand in my file.

Over my career both in the military and police force, I have received numerous awards and citations. I also receive a goodly number of complaints that I was over zealous and was picking on certain bad actors in the community.

It was my attitude if I kept getting an invitation to deal with you and you caused me to do paperwork. I was not going to be inclined to give you a break when that little thing cropped up in your life that I was made aware of. On the other hand when you saw the light you got the same breaks I afforded the average Joe. It was Fergie’s incentive program.   I was of the mindset that the judge was busy and didn’t need me sending things up to the courts that folks were truly remorseful for. I told a lot of folks “Why should you be charged a couple hundred bucks for a lecture from a lawyer that I could give you for free”. Most folks appreciated the wisdom. The ones that didn’t I just sent them over to the judge and they got the lecture straight from the horse’s mouth.

The whole point is that officers need to be supported properly by their administrations to get the best out of them

If you want to read up on this my book is on amazon.  I use the book as a fundraiser for the V F W it is called ” A View from the Street / River City Policing By S. Henry Knocker See Help the Vets at Post 5564 on face book

  1. Henry Knocker theknockerblog.com

All rights come with responsibilities

Blog 90 theknockerblog.com

                                           All rights come with responsibilities

The U S Constitution with its bill of rights is the foundation of the idea that we must rule ourselves with civility and charity towards all.

The duty to listen

We have as a responsibility to listen to our “Fellow Citizens” and to treat that discourse civilly even when that discourse seems treasonous to the Idea of the Constitution, with its bill of rights. I don’t believe we owe that same duty to none citizens. We should merely tolerate them as hopefully well-meaning advisers. They are like the neighbor who butts in to tell you how to raise your children.

This country has some well-meaning neighbors butting in and not only telling us our jobs, but taking over our jobs without even an invitation and to make matters worse they left their kids here to finish the fight when we kicked them out of the country. Don’t you think this is Rude behavior?

The duty to defend

All of us have a duty to defend one another against the invasion of those that seek to force their will on us even if there are those in our family that think the invaders have a point. Until we have decided among ourselves, the invaders are just that invaders crowding our space and interrupting our civil discourse.

The duty to moderate the extremes

We have a duty to moderate the extremes. Some in the family want to round all these invaders up and line them up against President Trump’s wall and shoot them and send that message. Well that is extremist!!

On the other hand we have a group of family members that want to give the invaders everything they are demanding and more they want all the neighbors to come and live in our house with their rules and we should feel ashamed that we haven’t done that yet, and by the way we should put it to a vote and let the neighbors all vote too. Oh yah! and we should let the invaders intimidate anyone that disagrees with the invaders with street demonstrations. Well this is extremist also!!!


The middle ground here is to send them all home.

Somehow I don’t think that is going to happen.  Do You?

  1. Henry Knocker


Blog 89 More on the Corruption at the Department of Justice

 See Blog 77

When I wrote the above blog I could not have foreseen the events of this past year but they were predictable.

This criminal cabal that has been assembled within the F B I is so dangerous to the Nation that, if it is what it looks like, The department of justice should consider treason as one of the options they look at for dealing with these (Jackwangs).!

Sounds a bit strong? Well maybe? I have NO! Political Affiliations. I am over 70 and have served the nation in one capacity or another for over 35 of those years. I have over 30 years in law enforcement.

Largely do to my life experiences; I am conservative in my views and tolerant of the views of others. I don’t give a dam what you think, or what cause you espouse. I support your right as a fellow American to have and express your opinion.\

We can talk treason to our heart’s content.

We act on our ideas through the political process which ends at the ballot box!

Any commercial enterprise that encourages discussion under the constitution of this great nation has the obligation of free and fair treatment of all views. I warn you Google, Facebook, Twitter Etc. you sensor us at your peril.

Any use of force to shut down free speech or intimidate others or disrupt the voting process is reprehensible.

Any public servant who donates to a political campaign should go home and write their resignation first.

Those that serve in government at any level have the obligation to protect and serve with honor and humility, neither asking nor giving favor, subjugating our personal views to this duty we have to freely and fairly administer the constitution. We are the referees, we throw the flags, if we are not unbiased, the fans don’t like it.

My blog 88 included below is an example of what happens when the law is subjugated by political bias. God help these politicians that place their bias above the law.

  1. Henry Knocker






Blog 77  theknockerblog.com

Corruption at: The Department of Justice

For the last 30 years or so the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. has become more and more Politically Corrupt.

This organization is supposed to be the peoples watch dog of the government. It has become the lap dog of whatever political machine is in power. It may have always been this way, but I just noticed it sense the Nixon administration. We can’t trust the political parties to police themselves any more. As long as the ruling party has control of the Justice Department they are free to use their power to harass and intimidate their rivals.

So now we have the IRS EPA, and others being used for political witch hunts.  The State Department playing fast and loose with national secrets and the Justice Department dragging its feet on the investigation of a politician while just two years ago they slammed a poor little Army corporal into the big house so fast he needed a Sex change operation. It’s just not right.

What I think we need here is an amendment to the constitution taking the department of Justice out of the political realm, and make it an independently elected nonpartisan possession, that We the people elect every two years with the house of representatives. We should term limit the job and bar any retirement or compensation other than what we the people set as fair and just compensation indexed to inflation. End of story. This way that office would be beholding to the people and only the people.

No more enforcing only the laws that politics dictate. That will teach the political parties not to make laws that they don’t want enforced.

It would also be welcome if at the same time they add a line to the amendment that states “ All elected officials shall adhere to the spirit of the constitution and the courts shall interpret the constitution as it was originally intended Under penalty of impeachment.”    The Congress shall fully fund the Department of Justice, least they use the power of the purse for mischief.

  1. Henry Knocker


Blog 88      Murder Most Foul !

When we suffer the murder of one of our fellow citizens in this state and the Governor and his policies can be argued as being complicit in the act , it is time that someone said something.

When a small army of invaders can kidnap a mother of four from a public place and execute her by making her kneel and shooting her in the back of the head with a 40cal hand gun and then riddle her body with 13 more rounds someone should say something.

When government policies can be seen as one of the factors that led to the ability of those invaders to perpetrate this act of war against the civilian population of this state someone should say something.

Here are the facts as reported on one of the national news channels.

(Do not read further if you do not have a strong stomach)

Last week a group of five armed foreign nationals some, or all of whom, had been previously deported, became involved in an argument with one of our citizens at a public event. One or more of these invaders became upset, with a women. These five invaders then took this mother of four forcibly into a vehicle and transported her to a remote area. They then removed her from the vehicle and forced her to kneel and then shot her in the head with a 40cal handgun .We can only imagine what they did to her before they murdered her in this way.

As one who has investigated shootings let me describe to you what possibly happened here.

Warning this will be graphic.

After doing whatever they did to her in the last hours of her life? They took her forcible from the vehicle forced her to her knees and shot her with a 40cal hand gun. If shot from the back of the head, this would have exploded her head leaving her ears and tattered flesh where her head was. Blood brains and bone would have been scattered over a wide area. As if this was not enough with the body lying on the ground they began shooting her with additional rounds from this 40cal cannon of a hand gun,13 in all, each round ripping her body, breaking bone until her body was as a ragdoll. They then left the whole mess for the men and women of law enforcement and the medical profession to clean up. No open casket here. No last kiss for her loved ones to give their final good byes. Four children left without a mother. An extended family devastated with grief.

What will be our response to this? The press and politicians’ will find some excuse to justify their convictions that these are just misguided poor folks from across our borders who just wanted a better life. Somehow it our fault somehow they need State and City protections from a Federal Government trying to” keep these animals the HELL out of our country”. codling these morons is being done largely to covet Votes

To add insult to injury we have a Governor that just can’t kill them back, his conscience, won’t allow that. There is an old saying “if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen”.   When the chief law enforcement office of the state just can’t or won’t do the job, that man or woman should be removed.  When State or City officials, including Police, conspire to circumvent the law, including federal law. Those conspirators should face the full force of the laws involving conspiracy. Conspiracy is when two or more persons get together to hinder the enforcement of a law or to commit a breach of any law. Our politicians don’t believe they are subject to the laws that we are all subject too. Just you get caught harboring a felon see what that gets you. The state and some cities are doing just that. Our Governor Has apparently instructed the State patrol Chief to discipline a trooper because he dared to turn over one of these invaders to ICE.

I remember a time in the 70’s the city mayor tried something similar and the rank and file officers told him through the chain of command to stuff it. The state troopers association should tell the Governor to stuff it and threaten him with obstruction of justice and official misconduct.

If I were Governor, it would take me about five minutes to send the charging documents to the prosecuting attorney and charge every politician that joined this conspiracy by word or deed.

The political parties have failed us. The watchdogs of the press have failed us by joining the criminals in their folly and now they are asking the law enforcement community to fail us in their duty to enforce the law without regard to political favor.

Folks, if you allow the law enforcement to be politicized in this way these political parties will take advantage, and become even more corrupt than they already are.

God help us if that happens.

S Henry Knocker


Blog 87 Larceny by Trick and Device

My fellow citizens of the State of Washington In the early Years of my tenure as a police officer in this State, there was a statute ( Law ) that stated an individual could not use trick and device to steal from the public. It was aimed at the conman, used car dealer, shady contractor, or fund raising schemes of all types, that promised more than they delivered. When title 9 was revamped this wording fell away. There was a predictable rise in crimes against the elderly and poor thereafter.

When we had such laws the general public could get the occasional news story about some person, being fleeced and the term “by trick and device” being used. The public consciousness being aware of the term, the public naturally looked down on those that practiced these dark arts.

As politicians became subject to the occasional comparisons to those that would hoodwink the elderly and poor and this wording in the law being compared to the politicians. The politicians said to themselves, we need to change the public’s perception of us.

Under the guise that the laws were out dated and churchlike blue in nature and just not up to the modern times we were living in today. The politicians convinced us that our grandparents understanding of human nature was just wrong.

Thus began a long slow decent into the liberal quagmire we are experiencing today. God bless the liberals they mean well. The trouble is they use “Trick and Device “ to get us to go along with every stupid idea that comes along. Billions are being spent on projects that are touted to end traffic congestion. Busses, Light rail, toll bridges and toll lanes on the “FREE WAYS” and now we come full circle. To pay for this boondoggle, a new old tax on vehicle registration.

Whoopee the libs just shot themselves in the foot. They sent the poor and middle class a message; get on the bus or train and off our freeways. Now you who can barely afford to put gas in your cars get hit with high fees for the privilege of driving on the roads that apparently belong to the upper classes.

Do you think this is not “Larceny by Trick and Device” ask yourself do you really want to get around this way? Do you want to pay the rest of your life for something YOU won’t use?

If you say yes to this get ready for a tax on sugary drinks, plastic shopping bags, carbon emissions and a whole host of left wing TRICKS.

What do you mean? This is already happening? Where? Seattle? Thurston County? Tacoma?

You have got to be kidding me?

S Henry Knocker            theknockerblog.com

86 theknockerblog.com Long Lonely Nights

There was a time in my career that a police officer on patrol after midnight may not hear a sound out of the Radio for long boring hours. Nothing was said by anyone. There was the occasional test of the mike when an officer would reach over and depress the button on the mike just to assure himself that the radio was still working. Some other officer would give you two clicks back. Sometimes the radio operator would be awakened by this noise and blurt out 10-4 KOK544. Then dead silence while the whole shift broke out in laughter in the patrol cars. We were in two man cars on the graveyard shift in those days. I said two MAN cars because that’s how it was. The ladies mostly were dispatchers and secretaries.  The nights gave us much to ponder.

We thought about the various threats that might confront us. The LT. coming out of the station to recover a stolen car that may have been dropped in your district. One that some citizen had noticed and called in the plate. The silver Fox as he was known, loved to jack you up about, you not finding the car. He pretended he had just come out, and boom finds a stolen car. Later one of the guys found a tape of the William Tell Overture and when the Fox came out they played it over the radio it let everyone know.

He was being mocked. A multi-year cat and mouse game in sued to discover who the culprits were. Just when they had it pined to one shift the thing popped up on another. They appealed for us to stop it saying the FCC was after us and other attempts to ferret out the miscreants but nothing worked.

The silver Fox was on his own the chief thought it was funny. I had let him in on the game the Fox was playing.

Now day’s Street cops are too busy all day and all night to have the time to play these games. The worries are different now. They worry about the left ginning up violence. We had that problem also, but not to the extent it goes on now.

In addition they have to worry about saying the wrong thing, global warming causing the oceans to rise, girls trying to be boys and boys trying to be girls, to many tattoos to put in that little box on the booking form.

Politicians exempt from the laws they make.  Judges and the politicians acting as the leaders of lynch mobs, trying to lynch officers, just trying to live to see their kids another day.

One of these days the BS will stop when either the cops walk off the job or the order is given to crack heads till order is restored.

In this day with Legions of little black hooded White Anarchist in open rebellion against the nation,   destroying property, setting fires and looting. The end can’t be far off.

A bloody reset is coming

S Henry Knocker            theknockerblog.com

Blog 85 theknockerblog.com The Clinton foundation is a washing machine

The Clinton foundation is a washing machine

Passed in 1970, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a federal law designed to combat organized crime in the United States. It allows prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering activity performed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise. Such activity may include illegal gambling, bribery, kidnapping, murder, money laundering, counterfeiting, embezzlement, drug trafficking, slavery, and a host of other unsavory business practices.

It appears that: the Clintons have created an organization that gathers tax exempt money under the pretense that it is doing charitable work. Large amounts of Money are coming from foreign governments that have business with our state department Favors are done for these state actors in return for donations to the foundation. The money is then funneled back to the Clintons through contracts issued to Clinton supporters enriching the supporters. Supporters of the Clintons in return higher the Clintons to give speeches to the groups. In this way the Clintons make millions, there friends make millions, and the donors get favors at the expense of the American people.

What the harm hear? Isn’t this just business? Why shouldn’t Bill get rich making speeches? He earned it.


Follow the money back to the reason it was given in the first place. The deals that were agreed to brought millions to the foundation in exchange for Favors.  20% of U.S. uranium to Russian State actors. The deal was worth Billions to Russia.  Millions were given from Gulf State governments for favors from our State Department.

The Foundation is not a charitable foundation, but a washing machine extracting so called clean money from the dirty money tied to favors. Remember, “The Love of Money is the root of all evil”.

We now know that 66 million has been contracted for Clinton speeches and they are only waiting to get a new Clinton in the oval office and the sky is the limit.

S Henry Knocker


A Gun pointed at your head

Blog 84 theknockerblog.com

                                           A Gun pointed at your head

Obama Care and many federal programs start with grand ideals and end up as a gun pointed at the heads of the American people. The gun is taxation and threats of fines, demonization and jail time for those who fail to pay or go along with the programs.

The 10th amendment States that Powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to it by the States are reserved to the states or the people.”

My Question is when and how did we the people grant the feds with the power to take control of healthcare, welfare, education, the environment and the very idea of federal supremacy over laws and issues not specifically granted the federal government by the Constitution of the United States. Was there some kind of Kabuki dance by our elected officials to override the 10th amendment?

“He has erected a Multitude of new offices, and sent hither Swarms of new Officers to harass our people, and eat out their Substances”(Declaration of independence par. 12)

It now seems that what King George did; We are now doing to ourselves.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, (Declaration of independence par. 2)

When the choice of our leaders comes down to a choice between someone that respects the constitution and one that believes that the constitution is an obstacle to the tyrannical rule she desires. One who has promised to appoint judges that would water down the safeguard of our liberty guaranteed in the constitution.

The choice is clear

S Henry Knocker


Blog 83 theknockerblog.com The Vast Left wing conspiracy

Hillary Clinton clamed a right wing conspiracy. The evidence shows there is a leftwing conspiracy between President, FBI, State, News media, IRS

What is Conspiracy?.

“If two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

If, however, the offense, the commission of which is the object of the conspiracy, is a misdemeanor only, the punishment for such conspiracy shall not exceed the maximum punishment provided for such misdemeanor.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 701; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)”

What was done?

E- Mails deemed to be the property of the People of the United States, and were required by laws of the United States to be preserved, and Were Under subpoena by the United States congress, were destroyed in an effort to affect the election chances of a political candidate for the office of the presidency of the United States. An Electronic Server Used for official business of the United States and therefor the property of the people of the United States was altered and destroyed without cause by members of the conspiracy. Blackberries and Phones used to conduct official business of the United states and therefor property of the united States were destroyed by conspirators.

Who has done this thing?

The currant sitting President of the United States of America Barrack Obama

A candidate for the office of the presidency of the United Stated Hillary Rodham Clinton

William Jefferson Clinton Husband of the candidate

Attorney General Loretta Lynch FBI Director James Comey

Various staff members of the FBI and DOJ

Various Ranking members of the congress of the United States

Various Staff members of the Clinton Campaign Various Staff members of the State Department

Various Members of the News Media

It Is Apparent to this observer that all or most of the players mentioned above did

“act to effect the object of the conspiracy”

Why did they do it?

To enhance the chances of a political candidate to win an election

What is the solution

The solution Seems Quite Simple Since we as a People cannot trust our elected officials to conduct themselves according to the established law and will in fact corrupt the policing arms of the government i.e. DOJ, FBI, IRS We have to do something to keep politics out of these vital institutions of our government

One more elected office.

I propose an Office of special council, attached to the Supreme Court and branch of the FBI dedicated to special investigations be created. It’s purpose, to Investigate government corruption, and funded by National Sir Tax of some type Its Pay scale set at 100% parity to the office of presidency to  avoid mischief by the congress.

This would have to be a non-partisan position. The applicants and staff must be barred from accepting or donating money to any political office. The candidates must be required to debate on national TV and radio for the job. The term should be two years limited to two terms.

Just my thought

S. Henry Knocker