The border mess : China threats

SUN TZU the art of war create a problem for your enemy that you believe they can’t solve , then solve it for them or let the problem destroy them or weaken them to the point of surrender.

The Chinese have created this fentanyl problem that is killing 300 of our citizens a day. they are in league with the Mexican cartels who are using this to expand their drug and sex trafficking markets in the U.S

the Democratic party and the Biden Whitehouse appear to be taking advantage of or are actively in league with both the cartels and the Chinese to further their own political agenda against the interest of the rest of us. Nobody seems to have a plan to stop this.

Here is an idea. First send the 4th infinitary division to seal the border with orders to shoot any cartel members bringing in drugs or smuggling people. if done right that should stop it all with out firing a shot.

Next begin the mass deportation of all who broke our laws by coming here. build WWII style internment camps to house all of our drug addicted homeless. Split the camps in half, one side for those that don’t want help. These, we will give all the drugs they want for free. This will cut off the incentive for the cartels to send their drugs into our country. on the other side we give the others aggressive treatment using churches ,NGOs and the V. A. to get them well. This approach will stop the drug war, rescue the cities homeless and reduce the crime rate by 80% . This will let us put more resources into life enriching programs with less emphasize on the need for police A win win as I see it.

We can set up a system where people who want to come to this country to work can apply in Mexico, or there own country, for jobs based on skills we need and with good behaviors’ a path to citizen ship.

S. Henry Knocker

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