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Bloody Joe Biden

The Biden administration is dripping with blood. Drugs, criminals, terrorists, every manor of thug, allowed to cross the border unimpeded smuggling drugs that are killing hundreds of our citizens every day. 0ver 700,000 last year. Nearly 100,000,000 got aways. Over 500,000,000 coming over the border in violation of the immigration laws. A virtual army of god knows what? People from over 150 countries, Many enemies our country.

What is to be done about this? according to the Biden administration, nothing to see here.

As a retired police officer I know for a Fact that if we want to stop criminals we have to give them ” A Reason Not To Do It” The congress seems paralyzed with pardison political dithering. The Biden Administration Radicals are taking full advantage of the situation to further an agenda to ” Transform the Nation” . To what end I ask?

They dare not say to what end, It looks like they are bent on the completed destruction of the nation. Every day we hear about the deterioration of the school system, Hamstringing of the police, wokeness in the military and justice system, and attacks on law-abiding citizens by the out of control overlords of wokeness at all levels of government. Parents harassed by FBI. CIA and FBI mixing in Elections meanwhile kids can’t read do math or answer basic questions about civics, yet they want to spend time and money on sexualizing children under the age of 8.

Its Time to stop this! Send in the Army to end the border issue,

Give Police Back “Qualified Immunity” get politics out of the FBI CIA IRS and other agencies. prohibit political donations by members of all government agencies, so as to remove politics and make promotions based on Merit. Change the school system back to a focus on reading writing , Math and history let none move on until they master reading writing and math. I for one don’t want to see some reporter do a “man on the street interview in a collage town and see 9 out of 10 young people not know questions like how many letters in the alphabet or what do the stars on the flag stand for!

Lets go _ _ _ _ _ _ _


S.Henry Knocker

the democratic machine

By S Henry Knocker

There is a democrat machine that’s dirty low and mean

Without a doubt we could do without that democrat machine  

But Like a beaten wife that’s got no life

We keep going back to that, democrat machine

Its dirty low and mean, it’s a democrat machine

Like a beaten wife that’s got no life, we keep crawling back to that dependent life

Of the democrat machine

What’s wrong with us, we kick and spit and fuss

But like a beaten wife we just can’t come clean and dump that democratic machine

Like a beaten wife we got no life without that dirty, low down, democrat, machine!

Copy right  S Henry knocker 2021