Today the president will sign an executive order.

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Today the president will sign an executive order.

Well good for him. Next he will try to explain it, and we, the American People, will be left thinking “were we just lied to again”? At some point we have to say to ourselves is it worth even turning him on at all?
The short answer is yes. I can tell you from my long experience as a Police Officer that if you want a conviction you have to let the “person of interest” talk just as long as it wants to. Take down every word before he lawyers up and begins to hide. As long as he thinks he is convincing us of his innocents he will keep sticking his head further into the noose. The man is surrounded by jail house lawyers so I say let him talk and Let the prosecutors question his.

Now let’s look at the crime. It is not that he advocates this or that. We are all free to do that. It is the way he and the others, he conspires with, that make him and his crowd criminals. I believe that the criminal conspiracy statutes are coming into play. I believe it is a fact that it is a federal crime to lie to a public official. Which public officials and by whom was the lying done? The C B O is one. What makes it a crime? Well a large amount of tax dollars was spent based on information supplied to the C B O by the framers of the Affordable Care Act. And congress acted on that information DDS (Dysfunctional do-gooder syndrome) notwithstanding. Just because the D do-gooders think it a fine thing, don’t mean they can break the law and lie to the C B O in order to get the job done. Now do you see why some in congress are scrambling to disavow that M I T professor? He may be smart, but he’s no criminal mastermind. We lied to the C B O. Really you hood winked the American Public. Really you did that? Well he said he did five or six times. Did the president make you do that? Did a group of two or more of you do that?

Is the president now continuing the lie by saying the “A C A won’t do EXACTLY what Gruber said it would”. Or dose the word EXACTLY get him by this suspicious utterance? This statement says to me he knows a hell of a lot more than he is letting on.

I don’t like the Politics in this. I want a special prosecutor. Do I think we will get one? Not really. I’ll hold back my reasoning on that till I see what the R’s will do.

S. Henry Knocker

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