You Can.t lie to your wallet

Blog 22

You Can.t lie to your wallet

The Liberals will have us believe the lie that they are the smartest people in the land, and if we will just trust them, we can all live in a society that is all milk and honey. I wonder where they got that idea. The devil is a copycat.

Well Listen up! You can’t lie to your wallet! You can only ignore the fact that it is lighter. If you are poor that is a tall order.

There is a basic economic fact that there is no tax that doesn’t hit the poor! If you tax a corporation the corporation adjusts the way it compensates its self. Assuming they don’t fire people which they will, if they can. They either raise prices, lower quality or quantity or both. It is that simple. It will cost the consumer more to get goods and services. I Challenge any liberal to show me different.

The only argument the liberals have to tax us is that, they in their infinite wisdom can spend our money better than we can. Then they spend our money to buy themselves votes. Oh and by the way we have to hire them at obscene salaries to do the job.

&.When will we ever learn? &. When will we ever learn? Anyone want to sing along or better yet write this protest song?

I know you are out there, you defenders of the “Home of the Brave”. Stand up! Buckle up! Stand in the door! Jump up and VOTE THESE LYING THUGS OUT!

Well I’m glad I got that off my chest

How is the weather out your way? It has been a bit cool out here in liberal land, The Pacific North West. There are still a few of us trying to heat things up but we are up against the global warming crowed; and you know how that is.

Go Hawks

S. Henry Knocker

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