The Fact that the I R S Exists is proof that America is the Home Of the Brave

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The Fact that the I R S Exists is proof that America is the Home Of the Brave
We must love misery. We have lived under this sword for over 100 years.

Amendment XVI (1913)

“The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census of enumeration.”

You would think that after getting hit in the head every April 15th that the average citizen would call their congressmen and request they look into a better way of funding the government, one that required less paperwork for the tax payer. Why are we chained to all this paper and hours of computer time just so we don’t give the I R S any reason to Jail us.

I have not paid a dime in federal income tax in twenty years. Because of my disability retirement I don’t have to. One year my accountant said, “why it not necessary for you to file”, I said whoopee got that off my back. The next year I got slammed with an audit. I found out that it was better to pay the accountant than to strain the brain of the I R S. So for twenty years I have been paying an accountant to tell me and the IRS something that we [all] already know.

Now the IRS is in charge of our health care. Now they can kill me off and still make my kids dig me up so I can continue to file. Well that’s what I believe will happen. I think someone up there read Joseph Heller’s book Catch 22.

I think the better solution is a value added tax. The Government could still screw with us all day long by manipulating the tax on this or that, but we would not be doing the paper work as individuals. The company accountants would handle it and I could go fishing on the first two weeks of April instead of doing all that paperwork, and retirement might mean something. Even better if some of us don’t want to fund this or that we can just make all of our own stuff and get in trouble bootlegging. I’m sure we can keep the federal prisons full. They will hardly miss a beat. Nobody gets hurt and I can go fishing.

S. Henry knocker

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