Is the democratic brand being burned by this president?

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Is the democratic brand being burned by this president?
When I was a young man I identified with the Democratic Party and was one who thought Henry {scoop} Jackson would have made a great president. His conservative values with a touch of progressivism, strong stand on defense all combined to make him one of the best in my book. I doubt that a man like that could be elected in either party today. That’s how far we have come.

Now we have elected a man who is so far to the left that he can’t see progressivism in his rearview mirror. He is a week leader that hates what the country stands for. He is a bombastic liar either believing we are too stupid to see what he is, or he is so married to his socialist views that he just don’t care or give a dam what we think.

Who is to blame for this? The Democratic Party and the press are to blame. They went in lockstep down the path excusing the lies, excusing the use of the I R S to harass political enemies, and now they look the other way while this renegade tramples the constitution. This is the Democratic Party’s out house to cleanup. They made this mess and I look to them to wake up and clean it up.

The republicans need to stand back and let them clean house on this man. If they don’t we who are in democratically controlled states need to get rid of the sitting senators and representatives in the next primary election I would not wait for a general election to right this ship if I were you democrats. In my state it is Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell that need to step up or be shipped out.

I don’t call myself a democrat or republican I was a police officer for 30 years there for neutral by conscience in party affiliation. I rate my skin color as blue so don’t give me any of that racial crap.
A close read of my other blogs will fill in the rest

Warning! Democrats Get your house in order. Republicans You help them we need both of you in this or this republic will suffer.

Just My thoughts on the matter

S Henry Knocker

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