Keystone, Seattle and D. D. S.

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Keystone, Seattle and D. D. S.(Dysfunctional do-gooder syndrome).

A hard of hearing Senate Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline Bill in a Close Vote. Thanks! Patty Murray; no work for the idle construction industry, and Seattle, my home town, thinks that spending money on family leave is so much more important than fixing a few pot holes.

Let’s see, how will they pay for this? OH yah they just raised your parking fees and are looking at raising property taxes. Well, now you can pay and feel good about it D. D. S.(Dysfunctional do-gooder syndrome). at its finest has come to Seattle and it will spread all over the country. Look people! we can do what California did but, we can do it better because we are smarter than those liberals. It didn’t work there because we were not in charge there right?

Now with the aide of the local news media, the Do the Minimum get the maximum government employees are going to rip us all off again. It is all going to be couched in all the best liberal spin (Lies) and the boiled frogs won’t even know what happened.

While not the best to turn to, the Republicans’ at least they fain fiscal responsibility.

There is a pattern that is a constant in the world of liberals and it is this. The liberals keep chowing at our back sides where our wallets are until they accidently hit a nerve. Then they say they are sorry. When we quiet down they are right back at it again, nipping a little here and there till they hit the nerve again. At some point the whole thing will collapse into the soup of a socialistic hell hole they think is paradise. If you don’t believe it look at where they have been in charge: California, Chicago, Detroit and on and on

People have got to start paying attention to the result rather than the promise.

S. Henry Knocker

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