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Bad Stuff Happens

Blog 57 Bad Stuff Happens

There is no getting around it bad stuff happens I know because it has happened to me. A quick read of my book, A View from the Street / River City Policing, will bring that home to the reader.

Lately the bad stuff has been directed in the direction of the police. A very small portion of this criticism over race relations and the police is justified. The Public is letting a few anarchists acting out for the benefited of the press cloud public thinking in these matters.

I am not sure that the police alone can end the reign of terror created by the unholy alliance of the press and anarchist.

Lately, I have been thinking that it may take a different tactic to bring these groups to heal. I believe that an alliance between the VFW, American legion, Elks, Eagles, Rotary clubs and our universities could end the mayhem. The effort could be totally nonviolent and community uplifting.

Such an effort would take a better organizer than I am, but I feel my plan would have the effect of deflating the community tension’s and boost the membership of the civic organizations that take part.
I am not inclined to lay out my plan in this blog, but I would be inclined to speak with a fellow visionary with a get-er-done spirit.

I can be contacted at shfergie@yahoo.com

S. Henry Knocker

When Lives Don’t Matter

Blog 56 shenryknockerbooks.com

How do we decide what matters when confronted with a choice between our life and the life of another.

In the case of a Police officer coming to the rescue of a person put in danger of loss of life the police have demonstrated a great willingness to sacrifice their lives to protect and rescue endangered persons and sometimes even animals. This is true of firemen and military personal and sometimes private citizens.
We rarely see the situation that enables a lot of time for reflective reasoning when the emergency presents its self.

So what is the difference, when an officer turns his rescue response to lethal force and kills or injures a citizen?

I believe that it is the presumption of innocents’. This is not the same presumption of innocents’ that we receive if we are tried by a court. There is another kind of presumption of innocents. It is the presumption that everyone we meet as we go about our daily lives is not predisposed to harm us as we pass one another on the street. This predisposition is tempered by what we may think we know about the persons we encounter in our daily lives and our personal world view.

Police officers are trained to respond to situations with the presumption of innocents, but also with the knowledge of how to decipher behavior indicators which create a threat to themselves or others. It is a case of the longer you are on the job the better you get at deciphering the indicators.

Back in the days of the two person car the new officer was paired with the old officer they could stay together for years before being cut loose to train the next new officer coming in to the department. It was one of the things that were lost when police officers got too expensive to rate this kind of long-term ongoing training. It was a political decision to do this, for budget reasons, but the costs are not always monetary.

Now An Olympia PD officer is being criticized by the usual suspects, for protecting himself from a couple thugs with skate boards.

My message to the usual suspects is when you steal from and assault a store clerk; you must assume the police are being called. When the police show up you better assume the possession or your life is going to be shifted to the, it don’t matter category and Your Mama should have told you that.

S. Henry Knocker

The Book is out

From S. Henry Knocker

To all my friends on face book and twitter

To all VFW members Post 5564

My Book A View from the street River City policing is in Print

I have a book web site at shenryknockerbooks.com
Please check out the site and comment we are still in the process of building and many changes are coming

I have Posted the Post Fund raising letter and am Donating a portion of the book sales to this fundraising effort as well as to track chairs for wounded vets at Joint base Lewis McCord. the hope is that we can raise enough to upgrade the post bath rooms and help buy some of those track chairs for some of our vets getting care at the fort.

If this effort is to make headway we need to get the word out far and wide please put this out on all your social media and keep doing it over and over

Happy hunting


Wild Bill for America and Marianne the liberal:

If anyone has not seen the video Wild Bill for America has put out which takes to task the liberal Marianne you have to see it. Google Wild Bill for America and search for Marianne.

Liberals are actively trying to blame the Republican Party for the rise of the KKK. The KKK is, and always has been the shame of the Democrats. I am not a member of either of these parties but I know the history of these groups and the last known KKK grand wizened elected to the Senate was a Democrat named Bird. The last openly KKK politician to clime he was a Republican was a nut named David Duke and he was bounce and denounced.

Republicans are fighting for charter schools: to do what? To get poor Kids a better education. Democrats oppose this. Why? They don’t want young kids thinking for themselves? They don’t want the public school shown up for the cesspool that they have become? What Is it?

I can say what I think is going on. If the democrats can’t oppress minorities openly and legally they seek to do it though deception

I don’t understand governments are prohibited from making any law concerning religion I read the entire 1st amendment??

So when, in the public school, there is a class teaching evolution and a child stands and says I have a book here with me that says God Created the world in six days. The recourse is to say that’s not the text we are studying here and move on. We should never hear that a child is suspended or expelled because they brought an extra book to class and made a comment on it. If a kid wants to bring a bible to school and try to win soles on the playground or in-between classes, I don’t see how we can stop them as long as there is a first amendment. If a kid stands up as the speaker at a graduation and offers a prayer, I don’t see how that can be stopped, but it is routinely.

And that’s why we have the second amendment!

S. Henry Knocker

Blog 54 Where are you?

Are we so vested in our own ideology that we can’t see the threat to the republic?

To use a food analogy the democrats need to eat their vegetables.

If a republican or any conservative was to do anything close to what Hillary has done they would be rendered to the boneyard of political obscurity so fast that a new geriatric land speed record would have been established

The veggies in the conservative ranks are quickly swallowed or ground to powder. That used to be the case in the liberals camp also. What has happened? The liberals have taken the possession that their children can do no wrong.

I have written at length on this subject, in my book “A View from the Street/ River City Policing. It should be out this spring. We are in the cover design stage now.
Also see Blog 52 Tough Tony

America needs to start getting a little tougher on the kids in politics If you can’t do that lets get behind the call for term limits at least we can let more kids play. Stop the spoil sports from hogging the ball.

S. Henry Knocker


Blog 53

What would happen if Hillary ran her budget threw her personal bank account? Would Allen Comes say “What’s all the fuss?” Would the New York Times say there is no crime here? Would the Justice department ignore the controversy? Would 40% of the nation excuse her and go ahead and vote for her because she identifies with democrats?

Sadly the answer may be yes

S. Henry Knocker

The art of disiplaining Tough Toni

Tough Toni was a young man that I had dealt with on many occasions while a patrolman in River City. I gave Tough Toni his Street moniker My Self. Toni was not a bad kid at heart. He was undisciplined and lacked a sense of personal worth. Tough Toni was adopted into a well off River City family. The Mother was a sensitive woman who decided to adopt because she felt sorry for Toni. I don’t know what the circumstances were of Toni’s life prior to his adoption. I just know that whenever Toni would screw-up and I would take him home . Mom would sit me down and make the excuse that Toni was special because “ He was adopted you know” This woman was not unique I had three of these boys in the district I patrolled. All were about the same age and all had moms that felt sorry for them because they were “adopted” Toni was not the worst one of the three. The worst was the preachers son that was discussed in book one.

The fact that Toni was adopted may have been a righteous act, but I believe it was done for the wrong reason. By the time Toni was 15 he had developed the notion that there was something wrong with him personally. If I caught him doing something wrong He was starting to bring up the fact that he was adopted as if that was a valid excuse.

By the time Toni was 18 the family had had enough and moved him out to an apartment. He had fallen in with burglars.

One evening I got a call to a local tavern. The bartender said a customer had taken one of the chairs from the tavern and drove off with it. He had gotten the license number of the car. I tracked it to Toni who was living at a small apartment several blocks from the tavern.

My partner and I went to the door and knocked. Toni opened the door. We Saw the chair in the living room and advised him of his rights and asked Toni about it. At this time I also noticed a rifle through the crack behind the door. We went in and secured the weapon. I ran the serial number on the rifle. It Came back stolen. At this point Toni did not want to talk. We looked around the apartment and saw numerous antiques. We had just been told of a burglary of the local museum at briefing. Things were starting to go really bad for Toni.

We sealed the room and I went and got a search warrant. The Judge was so pleased with the circumstances surrounding the warrant that he asked if he could use the affidavit in his search and seizure class at the local college.

Now things go from bad to worse for Toni. We search the place and recover stolen weapons, museum pieces, and two pounds of Marijuana from a closet in the bedroom.

As all this came together and Toni Started feeling the heat, He tried the old I’m adopted routine on me. I looked at Toni and Said “Toni that’s tough really tough. Toni from now on I’m going to call you tough Toni because every time you ask me for a break I’m going to say Tough! Toni!” When I Booked him I wrote under his AKA TOUGH TONI . As far as I know he got the message I never heard from him again.

When I was a young man about 15 years old, I was having a lot of trouble with being picked on. My Uncle took me aside and told me this (Nil Bastardy Carborundum) He said It is Latin meaning “ Don’t let the bastards get you down” I don’t know Latin or weather that is the real translation or not but it sounds kind of right so I use it. It was strange coming from him as he was one of the biggest offenders when it came to picking on me. He was forever getting his younger brother who was 3 months older than me to wrestle me. If I started to get the best of the match he would intervene and reverse the outcome. Most of the time he was a good guy and we learned a lot from him and the wrestling sessions helped me to overcome many of life’s setbacks.

I told this story to Toni and to many other young miscreants over the years in the hopes that they might see that everyone that Craps on you is not doing it because they want to hurt you. They may be just trying to get your attention. Hardships can be a blessing in disguise if you use them to motivate and enlighten your path through life’s troubles.

Should the president resign?

Blog 51

Should the president resign?

I believe the President of the United States should resign for the good of the nation. we all need to demand it. Over the last six years this President has consistently used the power of his office to stifle the will of the majority of the people to please a minority constituency. His world view is insufficient for the responsibilities the world requires of an American President. There are no qualities of leadership that exist in this man. His style of leadership, if you can call it that is to obstruct, incite, and vacillate.

He has obstructed the economic recovery by holding up the keystone pipe line, allowing a flood of illegal emigrants to flood the job market, failed to press infrastructure upgrades, over regulated the business community and is pressing phony claims to justify raising taxes.

He has demeaned the police and incited riotous behavior by his false and misleading comments on a number of occasions. He has stood by while his attorney general literally looked the other way while thugs intimidated voters, and has used the power of the office to intimidate police agencies all over the nation. He has allowed the IRS to intimidate his opposition.

Internationally he has vacillated and failed to lead and by his inaction he is pushing the world towards world war III. If something is not done and done quickly a terrorist nation with a suicidal mentality will create an atom bomb; they will use it in the belief it will bring about the second coming of their holy one. Our ability to retaliate means nothing to them.

This week he gave a speech to Christians and admonished them for the sins of the past, saying that whenever Christians get on their “high horse’ they do bad things too, seemingly in defense of radical Muslim terrorist who had just burned a human being to death in violation of international law a WAR crime.

I say every time Christians got on our “high horse” in this nation it was to stop things like slavery, and the KKK. The crusades, Mr. President; were started by Muslim invaders, and that has little to do with the here and now!

It is high time for every good person in this nation to take up the cry for Justices and the resignation of this president.

I’m not politically active but I’m ready to join citizens for Joe Biden.

S. Henry Knocker

The presidential flat spot

February,4 2015

Blog 50
The presidential flat spot

Americans are being beheaded, our allies are under attack and being beheaded, and Muslims are being burned alive for taking a stand. Our president says to the press he is taking measured actions, and it would not be good to get all up in their face. We might escalate the situation and start a WAR?

Why did this man run for office? Was it for the free golf lessons? He has blocked every legislative effort to improve the economy. He won’t stand for any changes to his fool hardy venture into the health care industry. Do nothing seem to be his answer to every situation he is faced with. He is A W O L from his responsibility to do the nation’s business. Everything he is advocating seems to be things that are against the will of the American people. He interferes in domestic state law enforcement with an overzealous justice department while letting the IRS target his political opposition.

If you don’t want to do the job Mr. President resign and we will deal with the other fool on your ticket. Doing nothing is as bad as desertion in the face of the enemy.

A human being was burned alive by a bunch of war criminals it is the duty of all the leaders of the free world to bring to bear the full weight of the world down on their heads that means boots on the ground with fixed bayonets. The fleets of the world need to be turned to the Middle East and this nonsense needs to end now. We the people need to lead. That means you Mr. President Do your Job or get out of the way and let someone with a backbone do the job.

S. Henry Knocker

What the heck is going on?

Blog 49
What the heck is going on?

The American education system, is it in shambles? You would think so watching Jessy Waters on fox ask Americans simple history questions like who was the first president of the United States of America? When the answer is I don’t know or Bill Clinton there seems to be a problem in America.

I have started asking my grandchildren a few simple questions regarding our American history.
Who was our first president? Who was president during the civil war? What were the reasons for the civil war? Which side won the war? Who was the president during the World War II? What happened to John Kennedy? Have we ever had an actor become the president? And the real stumper: What the difference between an elephant and a pussyfor?

I know I’m going to get smacked for the last one but if you can’t answer the others you deserve that one.

So far as I see it the biggest dummies come out of our most elite colleges. I do question Mr. Water’s choice of locations to grab people and ask his questions, the beach at spring break or the campus common. Maybe he would get a better result if he made his inquiries at the campus library?

This Water’s world thing has been going on for several years and the results have been less than one would be expected of college level students. I wonder why the educational community would put up with it without starting a counter effort on PBS or one of the NEA touting lefty networks. It makes me think, is that the goal of the left, to dumb down the nation to better control us?

Well Mr. Waters will you check out the libraries or a real collage like Liberty, or Seattle University, or maybe the kindergarten at Highland Park elementary?

S. Henry Knocker