Should the president resign?

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Should the president resign?

I believe the President of the United States should resign for the good of the nation. we all need to demand it. Over the last six years this President has consistently used the power of his office to stifle the will of the majority of the people to please a minority constituency. His world view is insufficient for the responsibilities the world requires of an American President. There are no qualities of leadership that exist in this man. His style of leadership, if you can call it that is to obstruct, incite, and vacillate.

He has obstructed the economic recovery by holding up the keystone pipe line, allowing a flood of illegal emigrants to flood the job market, failed to press infrastructure upgrades, over regulated the business community and is pressing phony claims to justify raising taxes.

He has demeaned the police and incited riotous behavior by his false and misleading comments on a number of occasions. He has stood by while his attorney general literally looked the other way while thugs intimidated voters, and has used the power of the office to intimidate police agencies all over the nation. He has allowed the IRS to intimidate his opposition.

Internationally he has vacillated and failed to lead and by his inaction he is pushing the world towards world war III. If something is not done and done quickly a terrorist nation with a suicidal mentality will create an atom bomb; they will use it in the belief it will bring about the second coming of their holy one. Our ability to retaliate means nothing to them.

This week he gave a speech to Christians and admonished them for the sins of the past, saying that whenever Christians get on their “high horse’ they do bad things too, seemingly in defense of radical Muslim terrorist who had just burned a human being to death in violation of international law a WAR crime.

I say every time Christians got on our “high horse” in this nation it was to stop things like slavery, and the KKK. The crusades, Mr. President; were started by Muslim invaders, and that has little to do with the here and now!

It is high time for every good person in this nation to take up the cry for Justices and the resignation of this president.

I’m not politically active but I’m ready to join citizens for Joe Biden.

S. Henry Knocker

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