Bad Stuff Happens

Blog 57 Bad Stuff Happens

There is no getting around it bad stuff happens I know because it has happened to me. A quick read of my book, A View from the Street / River City Policing, will bring that home to the reader.

Lately the bad stuff has been directed in the direction of the police. A very small portion of this criticism over race relations and the police is justified. The Public is letting a few anarchists acting out for the benefited of the press cloud public thinking in these matters.

I am not sure that the police alone can end the reign of terror created by the unholy alliance of the press and anarchist.

Lately, I have been thinking that it may take a different tactic to bring these groups to heal. I believe that an alliance between the VFW, American legion, Elks, Eagles, Rotary clubs and our universities could end the mayhem. The effort could be totally nonviolent and community uplifting.

Such an effort would take a better organizer than I am, but I feel my plan would have the effect of deflating the community tension’s and boost the membership of the civic organizations that take part.
I am not inclined to lay out my plan in this blog, but I would be inclined to speak with a fellow visionary with a get-er-done spirit.

I can be contacted at

S. Henry Knocker

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