Wild Bill for America and Marianne the liberal:

If anyone has not seen the video Wild Bill for America has put out which takes to task the liberal Marianne you have to see it. Google Wild Bill for America and search for Marianne.

Liberals are actively trying to blame the Republican Party for the rise of the KKK. The KKK is, and always has been the shame of the Democrats. I am not a member of either of these parties but I know the history of these groups and the last known KKK grand wizened elected to the Senate was a Democrat named Bird. The last openly KKK politician to clime he was a Republican was a nut named David Duke and he was bounce and denounced.

Republicans are fighting for charter schools: to do what? To get poor Kids a better education. Democrats oppose this. Why? They don’t want young kids thinking for themselves? They don’t want the public school shown up for the cesspool that they have become? What Is it?

I can say what I think is going on. If the democrats can’t oppress minorities openly and legally they seek to do it though deception

I don’t understand governments are prohibited from making any law concerning religion I read the entire 1st amendment??

So when, in the public school, there is a class teaching evolution and a child stands and says I have a book here with me that says God Created the world in six days. The recourse is to say that’s not the text we are studying here and move on. We should never hear that a child is suspended or expelled because they brought an extra book to class and made a comment on it. If a kid wants to bring a bible to school and try to win soles on the playground or in-between classes, I don’t see how we can stop them as long as there is a first amendment. If a kid stands up as the speaker at a graduation and offers a prayer, I don’t see how that can be stopped, but it is routinely.

And that’s why we have the second amendment!

S. Henry Knocker

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