Blog 54 Where are you?

Are we so vested in our own ideology that we can’t see the threat to the republic?

To use a food analogy the democrats need to eat their vegetables.

If a republican or any conservative was to do anything close to what Hillary has done they would be rendered to the boneyard of political obscurity so fast that a new geriatric land speed record would have been established

The veggies in the conservative ranks are quickly swallowed or ground to powder. That used to be the case in the liberals camp also. What has happened? The liberals have taken the possession that their children can do no wrong.

I have written at length on this subject, in my book “A View from the Street/ River City Policing. It should be out this spring. We are in the cover design stage now.
Also see Blog 52 Tough Tony

America needs to start getting a little tougher on the kids in politics If you can’t do that lets get behind the call for term limits at least we can let more kids play. Stop the spoil sports from hogging the ball.

S. Henry Knocker

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