The presidential flat spot

February,4 2015

Blog 50
The presidential flat spot

Americans are being beheaded, our allies are under attack and being beheaded, and Muslims are being burned alive for taking a stand. Our president says to the press he is taking measured actions, and it would not be good to get all up in their face. We might escalate the situation and start a WAR?

Why did this man run for office? Was it for the free golf lessons? He has blocked every legislative effort to improve the economy. He won’t stand for any changes to his fool hardy venture into the health care industry. Do nothing seem to be his answer to every situation he is faced with. He is A W O L from his responsibility to do the nation’s business. Everything he is advocating seems to be things that are against the will of the American people. He interferes in domestic state law enforcement with an overzealous justice department while letting the IRS target his political opposition.

If you don’t want to do the job Mr. President resign and we will deal with the other fool on your ticket. Doing nothing is as bad as desertion in the face of the enemy.

A human being was burned alive by a bunch of war criminals it is the duty of all the leaders of the free world to bring to bear the full weight of the world down on their heads that means boots on the ground with fixed bayonets. The fleets of the world need to be turned to the Middle East and this nonsense needs to end now. We the people need to lead. That means you Mr. President Do your Job or get out of the way and let someone with a backbone do the job.

S. Henry Knocker

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