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Lefty lunacy: The blind ideology

Lefty lunacy: The blind ideology

Gitmo; a prisoner of war camp on the island of Cuba, used principally for the housing of war detainees in the war on terror, is on the lefts agenda for elimination. The left holds the mistaken belief that this camp is a recruiting tool for a group that they are hard pressed to even admit exist. All of those with their eyes wide open call this group, “Radical Islamic Terrorists” The left seemingly believes that if the western nations would stop antagonizing the peaceful Muslims of the world with this camp they will settle down and stop killing anyone that doesn’t think like they do.

This is not going to happen. The only way the lefty lunes can save themselves, short of war, is to convert to the brand of religion the terrorist are espousing. That will require the lefties to bomb the innocent or kill a bunch of kids for watching TV. Whatever saves their cowardly butts I guess? It’s not too farfetched to say that; don’t they kill babies in their mother’s wombs? They let poor disadvantaged kids in the cities they run kill each other because they are too cowardly to impose a little discipline in the schools that are run by them. I call this the blind Ideology but it may be better described as the cowardly ideology.

The Left seems to love the constitution when the message is freedom to do whatever they please. The concept of personal responsibility is foreign to their understanding of freedom. Free this free that free,free, free. Free love, free school, free milk and cookies for mom and the kids. All this free stuff is paid for by freewheeling tax hiking lunes that have spent the nation into the possession of having to borrow to pay the interest on the national debt.

We are a nation that is in deep debt. The lefts response is to eliminate business education from elementary schools and replace it with sex education. We are a nation that sees its inner city youth killing each other. Our answer, we eliminate discipline in the schools and legalize drugs. You have to be BLIND to not see the correlation.

Today on the news here in the once great State of Washington the progressive Marijuana law has begun to reap a huge spike of overdose calls to the poison control center with children ingesting the drug in the eatables left lying around by the I don’t give a dam parents.

So what did you expect?

S. Henry Knocker

Pens, Phones, and Erasers

Blog 46

Pens, Phones, and Erasers

There is nothing in the constitution that gives lefty agnostics any direct protection from government, but there is protection for religious institutions and persons of faith. So when I read some lefty lunacy on twitter about how folks just need to get over the attacks from the left over our first amendment rights to believe in God, I get a little perplexed. They seem to think the first amendment is all about free speech. If we have to rank according to the order they are articulated in the first amendment, religious freedom comes first on the list. The others are put in there because without them the government could have said you are free to think what you like, but they might stop you from assembling in a church or tell a preacher what he might preach, or prohibit the press from reprinting sermons which was a regular practice back in that day.

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

If you notice the religion thing comes first. The speech thing come second, then the press, then assembly, and it is peaceably assemble. It is not ok to exercise civil disobedience and burn the town down. Assembly is only to petition the government for redress of your grievances. The civil disobedience notion comes from an essay by Henry David Thoreau not Saul Alinsky.

If you had an eighth grade education in the fifties you knew that. Most of the young kids popping off on twitter don’t know who these people are or why this country was founded in the first place.

The liberal Press is about to get a dose of the very social disorder they seem to champion. The attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo is just the first Salvo. The anarchist movement in this country most probably will get around to similar tactics against our news outlets in this country. It will serve some of them right because they are the champions of anarchy.

It seems to this observer that the qualifications to become a constitutional law professor in this country hit rock bottom with the current occupant of the White House. It seems now he is determined to drag the office of the president down the same rat hole. He needs to remember that he may hold the presidential pen and phone, but the people hold the eraser.

S. Henry Knocker

Is Social Security going to run out of money?

Blog 45

Is Social Security going to run out of money?

Seems we constantly hear Social Security is running out of money. We never hear about welfare or food stamps running out of money? What’s interesting is the first group “worked for” their benefit, but the second did not. I am a bit tired of the game Congress plays with the entitlement blackmail system.

The con-game works like this; first they make the pronouncement that this or that program is running out of money. Then they offer a fix that will kick the can down the road a generation, but not really fix the problem. By not really fixing the problem they guarantee that this event will resurface in a few years. The congress does this deliberately, in my opinion in order to have a vehicle by which they can attach the boondoggles that we all complain about. Why do we let this happen?

Why in this electronic age do we send our representative to Washington DC in the first place? Why can’t we give them offices in the state capitals and they could vote online and meet online. We the people could do our own lobbying. They could make their deals with us. I would be willing to bet there would be a lot less pork in the budget

We could better control the national purse if the federal representatives were paid by the individual states. Each state could make rules restricting lobbing to those their representative is elected to represent. Would that end a lot of the D C shenanigans? We insist the states balance their budgets maybe that should rub off on the feds.

Why is Washington D.C. located on the east coast anyway? Should it not be located somewhere in the middle of the country? It’s downright unfair that the folks on the east coast have ready access to our representatives and we on the west coast don’t. It seems to me that in the age of missiles and nut case terrorist that it might be safer some place in the middle. How about this: The white house gets moved to say Nebraska. The Senate to the west coast and leave the representatives in their respective states. Just something to think about.

Why are we cutting benefits for our veterans, denying pay raises for our military, and reducing our army to a level that is lower than before WWII? Why are we not stopping the payments or benefits to illegal aliens?
It may be time to really shake up Washington D. C. That long talked about constitutional convention Might just be in order.

S. Henry Knocker

Lefty lunacy The magic ideology

January 10, 2015

Blog 44

Lefty lunacy The magic ideology

We are advised not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.

Communism becomes socialism becomes progressivism. As soon as the public gets on to an ism they change the language the aim stays the same. The aim is to enslave us. They intend that we the people should be a rubberstamp for the excesses of the human condition.

The poor in America are the instrument by which the middle class are to be enslaved. The left uses the poor to soften the hearts of a doddering American electorate. There are no “poor in America”. The average American has never seen the poor. The average poor person in this country can get, food, shelter, medical, a free phone, clothing, and legal help, and never work a day to get it. It is the middle class worker that has to struggle for these things.

The straw that is really breaking the back of the middle class is OBAMA CARE, Affordable Care Act, and whatever else they decide to name it. I have already been smacked with this one. The rest of you are about to be face planted by the cost of this albatross.

By April 15 the first shutters of realization will sweep over the nation. Those that have stuck their heads in the sand will be blasted into the realization that medical care is not free and never will be. The other guy can’t pay for it all. The I R S will stick its gun in your faces and say GIMME SOME!

What can we do? We could recall every politician that voted for this boondoggle. We could start calling the whack jobs and letting it rip at them. Oh no I tried that. They won’t take our calls or answer an email unless you are a big donor. I did get in to see my representative but he just pulled the old guilt trip on me. His mother you know died of cancer. Well so did my great grandpa. We all have that story to tell. Some of us had affordable insurance all ready and now we can’t afford what the government wants to shove down our throats. I haven’t had a vacation in twenty years but I had Health insurance for me and my family.

Lefty lunacy The magic ideology has taken care of our hopes for that vacation for the for seeable future.

S. Henry Knocker


The Left : The KKK: and radical Islam

Blog 43

The Left : The KKK: and Radical Islam

“They’re about as Muslim as I am.” Says Howard Dean
So; are we to believe that Howard Dean has just announced to the world that he has converted to radical Islam?

Why not? They all have the same ideology. They believe that the ends justify the means. There is no difference between the radical Muslims and the radical Christians Its KILL ,KILL, KILL in the name of God. The left Says KILL,KILL, KILL in the name of their Ideology; which is their God.

Those of us that don’t escribe to the notion that the ends justify the means need to give these radical elements within us a reason not to butcher us with impunity. By this I mean the world community needs to stand up and put our collective foot down and say “no more”. No more selling arms to these whack jobs and no more taking their crap. The trouble is they want to live under 13th century rules and inforce it with 21st century weapons and finance the whole thing with oil money.

How about we tell the oil interest that if they don’t stop financing the radicals that we will just take the oil fields away from them and give the revenue directly to the people in the form of food and medicines?

How About if the radicals want to hide behind woman and children; we say we don’t care, and we say, surrender or else?

How about if radicals want to make war on our police, we say they will all be tried as war criminals lose their citizenship and we jail them at some off shore prison? I believe we could arrange something like that if we had to. Remember the man without a country?

The very fact that we show the world that we are willing to do a little of this stuff would show the radicals that the price of acting on their ideology is to be ostracized from the human race.

To those that say “ now you are saying the ends justify the means” I say, If they call that tune they will have to dance to it.

I have said before the key is to give the miscreants a reason not to do “It” whatever “It” might be.

S. Henry Knocker


Reclaiming Civility

Blog 42 theknockerblog.com

Reclaiming Civility

The natation it would seem, if you judge us by social media, has lost its civility. The age of the garbage mouth is upon us. Words that in the 50’s would have been viewed as a social disgrace and gotten the utterer a bloody nose, are now used with such frequency in every form of media, that the bleeps generated are argued to be the cause of the increase in tinnitus. (Ringing in the ears)

We are all to blame here I remember when as a boy some friends and I were walking on a popular lake in Seattle when we decided to see who could emit the vilest of comments the loudest. A stream of profanities streamed out across the lake and then came the echo back “Hay Garbage mouths give it a rest”. We were silenced and ashamed of what we had done. Will anyone today rebuke another for such a transgression? Oh no! We would just laugh it off. Unless it was directed right at one of us, then the offended party might shoot the offender if he felt “disrespected”. It has only been about 50 years.

Discipline and civility, the corner stones of society have been denigrated and replaced with incivility, riotousness and debauchery. These things have gone so far mainstream that even the politicians of today celebrate the fools that plunder our streets. Did I say Fools? We are the fools for putting up with this behavior and the political pimps that pander to louts and thugs.

I’m as guilty as the next man. I laughed at Gorge Carlin’s Seven dirty words. I said the “F” word, as I point out in my book; A View from the Street / River City Policing; Coming out next year. It was all fun and games until you look back and take stalk of the effect on society.

How did this happen? Looking back I have to say “The Greatest Generation” let us down. 100 years of war robbed us of the will to discipline the nation’s youth. Too many of the best and bravest wasted. The necessity of this waist is debatable in as far as WW1 and Vietnam are concerned we were not attacked at home. The rest I believe are all worthwhile endeavors. They all cost us far too much and that cost can be levied in great account to our own complacency. I am of the belief that if you take care of small problems the big ones don’t have a chance to arise, but who is to say? Only God can predict the future.

As a nation we need to reclaim the lost civility. Reclaim the lost discipline in our public schools. Oust the anarchist professors from our colleges and put the nation’s youth back on the road to solving problems instead of creating them.

We should start with these Observations someone sent me

“1. America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of the population is subsidized.
2. Half of the population is subsidized – yet they think they are victims.
3. They think they are victims – yet their representatives run the government.
4. Their representatives run the government – yet the poor keep getting poorer.
5. The poor keep getting poorer – yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about.
6. They have things that people in other countries only dream about – yet they want America to be more like those other countries. “

Maybe if we concentrated on solving these problems we would not have time to go around chanting “Black lives matter, blue lives matter, and then calling for the killing innocent citizens in the name of justice. It’s time to remember that the last thing any of us wants is justice. What we all need is forgiveness.

S. Henry Knocker


Operation Kraken This is not a drill! ———— Repeat ———–This is not a drill!

Blog 41
The knockerblog.com

Operation Kraken This is not a drill! ———— Repeat ———–This is not a drill!

There is a rumor going around that Some of the boys down at the V F W are about to go rouge and launch operation Kraken on the North Korean Dear leader They are asking for two cent donations from all the vets and their supporters. They just don’t think the administration knows how to handle retaliation for the internet cyber-attack against Sony.

Anger is mounting in the veteran community over this attack on the freedoms we in the veterans’ community fought for in all the foreign wars. We are including in this plea all the veterans in allied countries By rights veterans all over the world need to be allowed to participate. This little runt in North Korea needs to be dealt with in a manor he can’t help but understand. Operation Kraken is our response. To instigate the operation We will need Two things.

First we will need as many vets as possible to pledge at least Two Cents. Second we will need the vets to commit to taking a few minutes of their time to assist once the operation s launched.

We settled on the two cent donation because one dealing with this pip squeak is simple and we don’t want to leave any vet out for asking too much and besides it came about because one of the vets said “ for two cents I’ll Take care of him” Then he articulated a plan so simple it is mind numbing, For now the plan must remain a secret.

Anyone wishing to donate can send their donation to Quartermaster Post 5564 McCleary Wa 98557 attention Operation Kraken All donations collected over and above what is needed will go to the post emergency fund. 100 %

Of course we will be willing to stand down Operation Kraken If the Dear Leader apologizes to the Sony Corporation and the American people for this insult.

S Henry Knocker

North Korea Revenge Fund

A friend of the blog Has a plan He has written to Bill O’Reilly with A secret Plan to Pay back North Korea for the Sony hacking I am posting his letter to Bill

Please get this as much exposure as you can

Sheldon F. December 18, 2014 at 6:19 PM
Good column Bill Con Grats on the battle for Christmas. The war isn’t over yet its just a lull. Remember the battle of the bulge. The price of freedom is vigilance. Now I have to take you to task I bet you thought I was kidding when I said yesterday that Some of the guys down at the V F W Post 5564 in McCleary WA had a secret plan to pay back north Korea for the hacking thing. One of our guys said for two cents he would do the job well I am the chairmen of the fund raising committee and what we need is for you to put out there our call for two cents from everyone who wants to get even and our guy will set the plan in motion You can send your two cents
V F W Post 5564 McCleary WA 98557
Attn Fund raising committee
North Korea revenge fund

Thanks bill Sheldon

Playing with the Kids

Blog 40 the knocker blog .com

Playing with the Kids An exert from my book: A View from the street / River City Policing

In the late 80s I was working in the detective division in property crimes. That meant I got all the burglaries, vandalism, thefts and neighborhood disputes.

At that time there was a juvenile male; he was 14 or 15—years-old. He was a particularly nasty young man who seemed to take great delight in harassing his neighbors. His main weapon of antagonism was to throw dog feces on the roofs and doorsteps of his neighbors. Occasionally he would damage cars by keying the paint or throwing dog feces on them.

The patrol officers would take reports and send them to the detective division for follow-up. On several occasions I made contact with the young man’s parents in an attempt to get them to more closely supervise the young man. Since both parents worked and he was too old for day care, the parents were disinterested in my efforts to curtail their son’s extracurricular activities.

Living on the same block with this young man was an insurance investigator who had become one of his regular targets. The insurance investigator had personally witnessed some of the incidents perpetrated by this protagonist. To solve this problem I enlisted the aid of this insurance investigator.

I instructed him in the manner of writing statements acceptable to the courts. It wasn’t long before I started receiving regular statements, signed by this insurance investigator under oath.

This gave me the weapon I needed to get the young man’s attention. Every statement that I got from this investigator allowed me to issue a criminal citation for the alleged offense. I forwarded the same to the juvenile court for prosecution.

The juvenile court system is set up so that points are issued for each individual offense committed. Burglaries three points, malicious mischief one point, homicide 15 points; whatever they did, they received a point. It was sort of like military demerits at West Point. As points were accumulated they added up. If I were to send one citation alleging several violations such as vandalism, the citation would generate one point. If I sent multiple citations over a period of time for the same number of offenses, he would get a point for each offense.

When the insurance investigator started sending the complaint statements, I wrote a citation for each offense. I sent them in immediately. This gave him multiple offenses over several weeks. The juvenile court would process one offense, and then several weeks later they would issue a summons. The young man would have to appear in court. Because of the time between charges and the sheer number of charges, the court had to deal with each offense separately. Because each charge was dealt separately, the points added up and he started being locked up on the weekends

Of course this generated a complaint that this young man was being picked on by me. When a complaint of this nature is generated, there is, quite naturally, a meeting set up between my superiors, myself, and those alleging the complaint. At this meeting, I explained to all those present that I did not have time to sit and babysit this young man. The neighbors on the street where they live were extremely upset with our suspect. The actions being taken were a direct result of the criminal acts of this young man.

I gave them this analogy. I was an artillery battery. He was the enemy. I had forward observers sending me his movements. I had him bracketed, and every time he made a move, I could lob an artillery shell to the juvenile courts and he would be pulled in along with his parents. The parents would have to take off work. This could get costly. When the realization trickled through their minds, the light went on. The young man’s fascination with disrupting the peace and tranquility of his neighborhood ended.

This wasn’t the first time that I had to enlist a community to help in the restoration of law and order. The juvenile courts are afflicted with a malady I will term dysfunctional do-gooder syndrome, or DDS.

DDS causes those afflicted to be incapable of understanding the seriousness of a juvenile’s behavior patterns. The victims of their criminal acts are treated as part of the problem. The prevailing wisdom of those affected by DDS is that they are the reason the child acts up. Hence we get programs such as victim perpetrator reconciliation. This is ridiculous.

I had a young man whose father was a minister. This young man was committing burglaries in a neighborhood adjacent to the church where the father was a pastor. The neighborhood being victimized was predominantly older retired individuals in one of our wealthier neighborhoods. I had been to numerous crime scenes in the neighborhood. I had taken fingerprints and had identified the perpetrator. I had submitted numerous cases to juvenile court.

Every time the young man appeared in court he would be released to his father. His father apparently had the courts convinced that he had the ability to straighten the young man out. He was repeatedly released and repeatedly returned to his father and he would repeatedly reoffend. There seemed no end to the cycle. A meeting was called with the homeowners.

At this meeting, I explained the situation to approximately 15 elderly women. I organized a round robin telephone complaint hotline directly to the office of the prosecuting attorney. Within three days I was called into the Chief’s office and asked, “What the hell is going on? The prosecuting attorney wants every single case that this young man has been involved in. He wants every case that is likely to be filed, or can be filed in the next two weeks.”

After gathering all this information and submitting it to the prosecuting attorney, the young man disappeared from the face of the earth. I never heard from him again. I never knew what happened to him. He simply disappeared. Peace and tranquility returned to Mortgage Hill.

The DDS folks can’t stand political heat from the old ladies. It is a good idea for all police detectives to keep this fact in mind and to recruit a hoard of pissed off old ladies when you have one of those “problems you would like to have disappeared.”

S Henry Knocker

A van full of hippies, a street full of reds, all the little children bounced on their heads

Blog 39 theknockerblog.com

A van full of hippies, a street full of reds, and all the little children bounced on their heads.

These exerts from my new book coming out next year gives some insight into my attitude regarding drug enforcement, and my philosophy of government service.

I was working the 2 Robert 9 district. I spotted one of those VW vans that were popular with hippies back in the 70s. The van was headed eastbound on NE 12th. It was full of hippy wanna-bes. I turned in behind the vehicle and began following the thing. As the van traveled eastbound on NE 12th, it was weaving all over the road. I called for backup. We had a unit coming to assist from N.E. 4th. As we proceeded east on 12th the driver must have spotted me as the vehicle accelerated and turned south. This put the van between me and the responding back up unit. The hippies were now in a fix, pretty lights behind and pretty lights coming from the front.

A popular theme of the Drug culture was that L.S.D. and Marijuana were “Mind Expanding Drugs.” It just isn’t so folks. If they were, these whack jobs would have felt an overwhelming impulse to stop back at the library on N.E. 12th and I never would have gotten involved in their little social experiment.

As the van approached N.E. 10th Pl. the realization of their impending doom and the paranoia that so often accompanies the ingestion of certain of these mind altering substances kicked in.

All these events happened at once. The van stopped, I blocked the rear escape route, the responding car blocked the van from the front, the side door on the van opened, and out on their heads rolled seven hippies, with a cloud of marijuana smoke enveloping the entire scene. As one of the participants hit the street he dropped the bag of reds he was holding. (Reds are the street name for a barbiturate popular at the time) The reds went all over the street. The stunned and panicked hippies were laying everywhere, some with their legs still in the van. At about this time several other units arrived to partake in the fun of corralling this group of drugged out friends of Dr. O’Leary.

At this time in my career, I had made a number of these types of arrests. Some of the older officers were remarking and questioning how, I, a mere rookie, was able to, “slop into all these major arrests.” The answer was that I didn’t subscribe to the notion that I should “do the minimum and get the maximum.” It was good police work. I wasn’t out stopping every blonde chick I saw driving a hot car. That is exactly what a large numbers of the lamenters were doing with their time.

A second reason was: I was raised in a poor section of the city I grew up in. I had experience with a lot of these criminal elements, and I could read them like a book.

The down side was that the more arrests of this nature you made the more the criminal public complained. If we had a good chief, this was not a problem, as long as the arrests were legal and justified. When we got a chief that was more of a politician than a real cop, he didn’t like the fact that you got a citizen’s complaint at all.

The “Do the Minimum and Get the Maximum” guys won the top administrative jobs. That eventually led to the internet puppet show years after I retired. To me it was the right on and was the funniest thing I had ever scene. See you tube cyberstalking cartoons 1 through 9 Are the people of River City getting the type of policing they deserve? Maybe! What I do know is the people in any governmental agency who subscribe to the “Do the Minimum and Get the Maximum” philosophy are thieves taking a paycheck for doing a job they have no intention of doing well.

The solution lies with the voters. Unfortunately for the nation, the voters are being dumbed down by an education system that is top-heavy with liberalism.

Until balance is restored in education, the slide into ignorance will continue. An uneducated, ignorant electorate is easy to control with accusations of prejudice.

This seems to me to be what the liberals are striving for. Why else would they fight to keep criminals from being fired for offenses involving children? Why do so-called rubber rooms exist in some school systems? Why are liberal professors inciting students to chase conservative speakers from campuses all across this nation?
Why are collage kids out in the streets fighting with police when they should be in class learning how to, learn and to think before they try to speak?

S. Henry Knocker