The Left : The KKK: and radical Islam

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The Left : The KKK: and Radical Islam

“They’re about as Muslim as I am.” Says Howard Dean
So; are we to believe that Howard Dean has just announced to the world that he has converted to radical Islam?

Why not? They all have the same ideology. They believe that the ends justify the means. There is no difference between the radical Muslims and the radical Christians Its KILL ,KILL, KILL in the name of God. The left Says KILL,KILL, KILL in the name of their Ideology; which is their God.

Those of us that don’t escribe to the notion that the ends justify the means need to give these radical elements within us a reason not to butcher us with impunity. By this I mean the world community needs to stand up and put our collective foot down and say “no more”. No more selling arms to these whack jobs and no more taking their crap. The trouble is they want to live under 13th century rules and inforce it with 21st century weapons and finance the whole thing with oil money.

How about we tell the oil interest that if they don’t stop financing the radicals that we will just take the oil fields away from them and give the revenue directly to the people in the form of food and medicines?

How About if the radicals want to hide behind woman and children; we say we don’t care, and we say, surrender or else?

How about if radicals want to make war on our police, we say they will all be tried as war criminals lose their citizenship and we jail them at some off shore prison? I believe we could arrange something like that if we had to. Remember the man without a country?

The very fact that we show the world that we are willing to do a little of this stuff would show the radicals that the price of acting on their ideology is to be ostracized from the human race.

To those that say “ now you are saying the ends justify the means” I say, If they call that tune they will have to dance to it.

I have said before the key is to give the miscreants a reason not to do “It” whatever “It” might be.

S. Henry Knocker

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