Operation Kraken This is not a drill! ———— Repeat ———–This is not a drill!

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Operation Kraken This is not a drill! ———— Repeat ———–This is not a drill!

There is a rumor going around that Some of the boys down at the V F W are about to go rouge and launch operation Kraken on the North Korean Dear leader They are asking for two cent donations from all the vets and their supporters. They just don’t think the administration knows how to handle retaliation for the internet cyber-attack against Sony.

Anger is mounting in the veteran community over this attack on the freedoms we in the veterans’ community fought for in all the foreign wars. We are including in this plea all the veterans in allied countries By rights veterans all over the world need to be allowed to participate. This little runt in North Korea needs to be dealt with in a manor he can’t help but understand. Operation Kraken is our response. To instigate the operation We will need Two things.

First we will need as many vets as possible to pledge at least Two Cents. Second we will need the vets to commit to taking a few minutes of their time to assist once the operation s launched.

We settled on the two cent donation because one dealing with this pip squeak is simple and we don’t want to leave any vet out for asking too much and besides it came about because one of the vets said “ for two cents I’ll Take care of him” Then he articulated a plan so simple it is mind numbing, For now the plan must remain a secret.

Anyone wishing to donate can send their donation to Quartermaster Post 5564 McCleary Wa 98557 attention Operation Kraken All donations collected over and above what is needed will go to the post emergency fund. 100 %

Of course we will be willing to stand down Operation Kraken If the Dear Leader apologizes to the Sony Corporation and the American people for this insult.

S Henry Knocker

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