A van full of hippies, a street full of reds, all the little children bounced on their heads

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A van full of hippies, a street full of reds, and all the little children bounced on their heads.

These exerts from my new book coming out next year gives some insight into my attitude regarding drug enforcement, and my philosophy of government service.

I was working the 2 Robert 9 district. I spotted one of those VW vans that were popular with hippies back in the 70s. The van was headed eastbound on NE 12th. It was full of hippy wanna-bes. I turned in behind the vehicle and began following the thing. As the van traveled eastbound on NE 12th, it was weaving all over the road. I called for backup. We had a unit coming to assist from N.E. 4th. As we proceeded east on 12th the driver must have spotted me as the vehicle accelerated and turned south. This put the van between me and the responding back up unit. The hippies were now in a fix, pretty lights behind and pretty lights coming from the front.

A popular theme of the Drug culture was that L.S.D. and Marijuana were “Mind Expanding Drugs.” It just isn’t so folks. If they were, these whack jobs would have felt an overwhelming impulse to stop back at the library on N.E. 12th and I never would have gotten involved in their little social experiment.

As the van approached N.E. 10th Pl. the realization of their impending doom and the paranoia that so often accompanies the ingestion of certain of these mind altering substances kicked in.

All these events happened at once. The van stopped, I blocked the rear escape route, the responding car blocked the van from the front, the side door on the van opened, and out on their heads rolled seven hippies, with a cloud of marijuana smoke enveloping the entire scene. As one of the participants hit the street he dropped the bag of reds he was holding. (Reds are the street name for a barbiturate popular at the time) The reds went all over the street. The stunned and panicked hippies were laying everywhere, some with their legs still in the van. At about this time several other units arrived to partake in the fun of corralling this group of drugged out friends of Dr. O’Leary.

At this time in my career, I had made a number of these types of arrests. Some of the older officers were remarking and questioning how, I, a mere rookie, was able to, “slop into all these major arrests.” The answer was that I didn’t subscribe to the notion that I should “do the minimum and get the maximum.” It was good police work. I wasn’t out stopping every blonde chick I saw driving a hot car. That is exactly what a large numbers of the lamenters were doing with their time.

A second reason was: I was raised in a poor section of the city I grew up in. I had experience with a lot of these criminal elements, and I could read them like a book.

The down side was that the more arrests of this nature you made the more the criminal public complained. If we had a good chief, this was not a problem, as long as the arrests were legal and justified. When we got a chief that was more of a politician than a real cop, he didn’t like the fact that you got a citizen’s complaint at all.

The “Do the Minimum and Get the Maximum” guys won the top administrative jobs. That eventually led to the internet puppet show years after I retired. To me it was the right on and was the funniest thing I had ever scene. See you tube cyberstalking cartoons 1 through 9 Are the people of River City getting the type of policing they deserve? Maybe! What I do know is the people in any governmental agency who subscribe to the “Do the Minimum and Get the Maximum” philosophy are thieves taking a paycheck for doing a job they have no intention of doing well.

The solution lies with the voters. Unfortunately for the nation, the voters are being dumbed down by an education system that is top-heavy with liberalism.

Until balance is restored in education, the slide into ignorance will continue. An uneducated, ignorant electorate is easy to control with accusations of prejudice.

This seems to me to be what the liberals are striving for. Why else would they fight to keep criminals from being fired for offenses involving children? Why do so-called rubber rooms exist in some school systems? Why are liberal professors inciting students to chase conservative speakers from campuses all across this nation?
Why are collage kids out in the streets fighting with police when they should be in class learning how to, learn and to think before they try to speak?

S. Henry Knocker

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