Have we been invaded by a super power?

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Have we been invaded by a super power?

There is a war going on across our southern border. An insurgent army from all over Latin America, backed by a billion dollar entity, is now fighting with the government of Mexico. This army has all the trappings of an army a command structure, uniforms in the form of tattoos, and other identifiers, sophisticated weapons, and tactics. The Mexican army is in the fight. Our country has also been invaded by this army. They have sent in their version of Special Forces into our major cities and started insurrections in our streets. They have even coopted one of our major political parties and are intimidating the other. They have formed an alliance with our top leaders, to look the other way, while the invaders consolidate their foothold in this country.

The war has been going on for decades whole communities have been devastated especially in the poor communities. Our government has been willfully ignorant of this invasion because business concerns have been able to take some advantage from the situation. I hope we can now see the reason that our government is so unwilling to close the southern border. This is also why they will not prosecute business men that hire these invaders in violation of our laws. They refuse to pass legislation to put an end to the invasion. A law making it a felony to hire persons in this country who have violated our immigration laws and the arrest of one CEO would put an end to the invasion. If you don’t have a Green card you will not be hired. Rewards should be offered for turning in employers who cheat

The argument that if we don’t allow enough legal immigration there won’t be enough green card holders to fill all the jobs is pathetic. Just make more cards available. They won’t do that because it would tend to make wages higher for the legal workers. By God we can’t let that happen. It might start lifting the nation’s poor out of poverty and drive up the cost of illicit drugs and that might stop some of the poor from destroying themselves.

We should be looking at tax breaks for companies that hire legal workers and penalties for those that don’t I would even tie food stamps to work by allowing companies to offer them as a perk to poor workers along with classes in economics for the poor subsidized by the government. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like government subsidies, but the poor have been victimized by a general lack of economic education in the schools and they are in dire straits because of it. Swop sex education for economic education.

Now start driving these invaders back across the border, that have come here armed, with the intent to do us harm. Take them as prisoners of war and turn them over to the Mexican army to deal with. That will keep them from coming here.

Next the poor need to be helped off drugs I don’t like putting drug users in jail. We will need a place they can go to either kick the drugs, or just let them do all they want until they decide to quit on their own, but quarantined till they make up their minds. If we give them what they want for free and treat the ones that want it, we can resolve a good deal of the crime and put families back together. We could even give amnesty for nonviolent crimes that are related to the drug use, as an incentive to get clean.

What do you think? Can we do this?

S. Henry Knocker

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