Lefty lunacy The magic ideology

January 10, 2015

Blog 44

Lefty lunacy The magic ideology

We are advised not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.

Communism becomes socialism becomes progressivism. As soon as the public gets on to an ism they change the language the aim stays the same. The aim is to enslave us. They intend that we the people should be a rubberstamp for the excesses of the human condition.

The poor in America are the instrument by which the middle class are to be enslaved. The left uses the poor to soften the hearts of a doddering American electorate. There are no “poor in America”. The average American has never seen the poor. The average poor person in this country can get, food, shelter, medical, a free phone, clothing, and legal help, and never work a day to get it. It is the middle class worker that has to struggle for these things.

The straw that is really breaking the back of the middle class is OBAMA CARE, Affordable Care Act, and whatever else they decide to name it. I have already been smacked with this one. The rest of you are about to be face planted by the cost of this albatross.

By April 15 the first shutters of realization will sweep over the nation. Those that have stuck their heads in the sand will be blasted into the realization that medical care is not free and never will be. The other guy can’t pay for it all. The I R S will stick its gun in your faces and say GIMME SOME!

What can we do? We could recall every politician that voted for this boondoggle. We could start calling the whack jobs and letting it rip at them. Oh no I tried that. They won’t take our calls or answer an email unless you are a big donor. I did get in to see my representative but he just pulled the old guilt trip on me. His mother you know died of cancer. Well so did my great grandpa. We all have that story to tell. Some of us had affordable insurance all ready and now we can’t afford what the government wants to shove down our throats. I haven’t had a vacation in twenty years but I had Health insurance for me and my family.

Lefty lunacy The magic ideology has taken care of our hopes for that vacation for the for seeable future.

S. Henry Knocker


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