Lefty lunacy: The blind ideology

Lefty lunacy: The blind ideology

Gitmo; a prisoner of war camp on the island of Cuba, used principally for the housing of war detainees in the war on terror, is on the lefts agenda for elimination. The left holds the mistaken belief that this camp is a recruiting tool for a group that they are hard pressed to even admit exist. All of those with their eyes wide open call this group, “Radical Islamic Terrorists” The left seemingly believes that if the western nations would stop antagonizing the peaceful Muslims of the world with this camp they will settle down and stop killing anyone that doesn’t think like they do.

This is not going to happen. The only way the lefty lunes can save themselves, short of war, is to convert to the brand of religion the terrorist are espousing. That will require the lefties to bomb the innocent or kill a bunch of kids for watching TV. Whatever saves their cowardly butts I guess? It’s not too farfetched to say that; don’t they kill babies in their mother’s wombs? They let poor disadvantaged kids in the cities they run kill each other because they are too cowardly to impose a little discipline in the schools that are run by them. I call this the blind Ideology but it may be better described as the cowardly ideology.

The Left seems to love the constitution when the message is freedom to do whatever they please. The concept of personal responsibility is foreign to their understanding of freedom. Free this free that free,free, free. Free love, free school, free milk and cookies for mom and the kids. All this free stuff is paid for by freewheeling tax hiking lunes that have spent the nation into the possession of having to borrow to pay the interest on the national debt.

We are a nation that is in deep debt. The lefts response is to eliminate business education from elementary schools and replace it with sex education. We are a nation that sees its inner city youth killing each other. Our answer, we eliminate discipline in the schools and legalize drugs. You have to be BLIND to not see the correlation.

Today on the news here in the once great State of Washington the progressive Marijuana law has begun to reap a huge spike of overdose calls to the poison control center with children ingesting the drug in the eatables left lying around by the I don’t give a dam parents.

So what did you expect?

S. Henry Knocker

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