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Blog 71 Bill; Hillary

Well here we go, the Bengasi hearings going hot and heavy the pot is calling the kettle black the biggest spenders in the government are worried about the cost of the hearings. Well this independent observer says send the bill to Hillary.

It was Hillary’s lie that started the whole dust up.  If there was any doubt that she and the president were lying in regard to the reason for the Bengasi attack it was dispelled when it came to light that she said one thing to the American people and said quite another to members of her family. If you were on the fence about whether there was a protest that got out of control over a “video” or an Al-Qaeda inspired attack on our people in Libya. It ended when she was pinned down with the E-Mails, to her family and the Egyptians, the day of the attack, and days thereafter.

Hillary is a liar and she lied to us and may have lied to the president. Whether he is a lair too is up for debate. When she lied to us, did she also mislead the president?  As a political matter he may have been a willing dupe. We can’t look into his heart on that. We only know that whole situation stinks to high heaven. Hillary should be made to pay the bill in full for the entire cost of ferreting out the truth.

The time has come in this nation to insist on term limits and further to limit the number of political advisers that a politician can retain on the government payroll. The heads of OUR government agencies need to come from those agencies. Our money should be spent on competent knowledgeable professionals. We don’t need a bunch of political hacks running these organizations. They are supposed to work for us not the political parties. Why can’t we insist that the presidents we higher resign from political parties, fund raising, and partisan involvement of any kind while they work for us?

WHY!   WHY!   WHY!

S. Henry Knocker

Blog 70 The right to keep and bear arms

Blog 70 The right to keep and bear arms

“A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

As Bill O’Reilly points out in his column today, no amount of new laws could or would have made any difference in the recent mass shootings.

The first part of the 2nd amendment calls for a well-regulated militia. I would love to see a State take this to heart and compel 6 months of military service as a condition of high school graduation. If you don’t pass this, you don’t graduate, and you don’t get to own a gun of any kind. Just the 6 mouths of real discipline would be of monumental benefit to the state and the nation. What would you think a potential invader of this land would think if they knew that every kid coming out of high school not only could take orders but could shoot strait also.

I dare say we could soon put some pride back in this nation. It would give us old school defenders of the nation a reason to respect the nation’s youth and give them a real sense of what it takes to defend the freedoms we hold so dear.

Yah I’m for it. Who is with me on this one? I think we should start some National chatter it might just scare the hell out of some of these inner city gangs.

What will they learn you ask? Well they will learn to get up in the morning and make their bed. Brush their teeth and stand in line for breakfast. They will learn how to exercise and work as a group to overcome adversity. They will learn to respect one another and how a chain of command works. Many will learn how to be leaders. Many will learn valuable skills which will prepare them for civilian employment. They will learn to handle weapons and how to overcome and disable an enemy. They won’t be just sitting and getting shot when and if some nut decides to invade a classroom and shoot them for believing in a just God.

S. Henry Knocker

Blog 69 The right to free stuff?

The Pope said the poor all have a right to education. I hope that he meant; we all have the right to pursue an education?

The right to free education for anyone or free stuff cannot and should not exist. Nothing is free. The simple act of being born costs somebody something. We as a people extend the poor the privilege of education. We who choose to contribute our money in the form of taxes as payment for the educational opportunities that we received; fund the opportunities of the next generations that follow us.

Just as our fathers had the right to expect that we were appreciative of the grant we received. We are the ones that possess rights. We have the Right to expect that while the next generation is in training; (Being educated)they should be respectful of those we call educators.The educators hired to train the next generation should be mindful of the task at hand, and deliver that which is expected

I for one do not want the next generation taught what to think I want them taught too think. I do not want them taught, what to read but, How to Read. I don’t want them brain washed with political correctness, but taught how the political process works.

I don’t blame the teachers for the mess the education system is in. I blame the administrators and the politicians for the rules of engagement.

Discipline is the cornerstone of the education system. That goes for teacher and student, if a teacher can’t command respect remove the teacher. If a student is disrespectful remove the student. To reform school if necessary, the others seeking education deserve that much. They only get one bite at the apple let them make the most of it.

I worked hard for that which I have, and I expect that the part which I extend to the collective to be used wisely. I demand the right to expect that, and so should we all.

To the Pope I say you are a good man with love in your hart and I respect that. Jesus Said “ The poor you have with you always” I’ll leave that up to you to ponder. I think he was saying there is no cure for that condition of the people because some people don’t want to leave that condition. The best we can do is to give them an opportunity, if they truly want out of that condition. Charity for the truly needy accepted.

S. Henry Knocker

Blog 68 How to think when they are lying

There are political lies, little white lies, balled faced lies, and lies of convenience. I guess there are more types of lies than carter has pills.

Having been a Police officer for 30 years I guess I have heard them all or at least nearly all. Today I was doing my Twitter thing and came across a tweet about stopping Hillary from lying. I tweeted back “why do you want to stop her she does it so well?” That got me thinking about all the lies the police hear daily.

Did you know that about a third of all women that a police officer stops for speeding cry and tell the officer some sob story? Some officers writ every one of them, even if they weren’t going to when the stop was made, just to warn them for some minor infraction. They look at the crying as a lie. Men get the citation if the excuse and the action don’t match,; like there was no one coming as they rolled through a stop sign or ran a red light. The officer may have seen the approach of a car the driver did not want to acknowledge. Now he figures that the driver was not paying attention or that he is lying. Either determination would generate a citation.

In the case of the crying ladies some officers get offended by this. I never did I would make an attempt to determine if the cause of the tears was genuine. I would ask myself if the stop was to warn the individual, male or female, because profiling is BS, most of the time a Police officer can’t tell if the driver is white or black male or female until the stop is made. At this point I would judge that the determination of whether a citation is issued or an arrest is made is determined by the event, and the attitude of the offender. Be nice and there is a 50/50 shot they let you off. Be respectful and it 25/75 they let you off. Be respectful and repent and the odds go higher. As a rule, the longer the free lecture the less chance you have to pay the judge. lawyers are almost never free to talk to.

The ladies that cried I handled them by saying nicely, if the problem they were having has reduced them to the state of tears? I was going to recommend that they discontinue driving and I would call someone of their choosing to come and get them and the vehicle or they could have a tow truck and cab take them home. If they refused the assistance I would say if I see you drive away from here in this state I will arrest you for reckless driving take you to jail and impound the vehicle. This usually stopped the waterworks. To be fair some of the guys try this too I had one notorious’ young man actually get down on his knees in traffic and beg me not to arrest him for the fourth time for driving with his license suspended. He cried all the way to jail he only stopped when I said I had no choice the judge had given us a court order to arrest him every time we saw him behind the wheel. It was a white lie but it worked. Don’t be offended at the fact that some fools believe Hillary’s little white lies. everybody does it so “what difference does it make?” Maybe she should rethink that one?

S.Henry Knocker

Blog 67 Fanning the flames of civil war

Black lives matter and its enablers are fanning the flames of civil war, for the root of all evil; Money. There is money in it for race baiting pimps like All Sharpton. There is money in it for haters and looters. There is money in it for media bomb throwers with a fixation on disarming law abiding citizens. There is money in it for politicians pandering to voters that don’t know any more about what these politician are up to than a pig knows about Sunday.

I spent 30 years of my life in policing. I went through the 60s and 70s with the weather underground and the S.D.S,  the George Jackson brigade and other anarchist pointing their fingers at the police because, Professor politicians whipped them up in our polluted colleges. Now one of these professor thugs occupies the White House. His minions are in the streets and he is in Alaska, working on his “plausible deniability”

When this crap happens and the president skulks out of town instead of issuing a call to calm and sensibility, He is part of the problem

You are either part of the solution or your part of the problem. In the case of the president of the United States He is the problem.

Mr. President If you’re not going to stand up for the police and law and order you are the problem. Get the hell out and do your job or Get the hell out of the Whitehouse and turn the Job over to someone that Will!

  1. Henry Knocker

Blog 66 Is Jeb Bush someone I could vote for to be the next leader of our Nation?

As you read this evaluation of this candidate please understand that I am an independent voter and an independent evaluator

What are the reasons that would lead me to vote for this candidate? Soft spoke and unflappable he is well known by virtue of the fact his father and brother are farmer presidents of the United States. As a Republican, his politics are a bit left of center. As a former Governor of the great state of Florida, he has an excellent record in that state.  I could vote for the guy, but why should I?

Is His stance on Immigration a reason NO! He just chastised Mr. Trump for saying our laws mean something.

We can’t offend the Hispanic vote is his reasoning.

Well if the law abiding Hispanics are offended by a whole bunch of their people being singled out because they are in fact breaking the laws of this nation, I have something to say about that. If you are offended suck it up and get your head right. You are not first a Hispanic you are first a citizen of the United States of America. You are pledged to follow the law. If you don’t like the law lets change it. This is a big problem and something has to be done. We can’t keep going along to get along. We need someone who will confront the problem and fix it.  Either all of us stand together or we will all fall separately.

Now I ask this question; are we American citizens of the United States? Or are we Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, Asian, and Native American?  As citizens of the United States of America, we can’t pick and choose what laws we well obey and what laws we will not, based on Politics.

Well now; are we proud citizens of this country or are we going to be the socialist sheep the left wants us to be?

S.Henry Knocker

Blog 65 Is Dr. Ben Carson someone that I could vote for to lead this nation

As you read this evaluation of this candidate please understand that I am an independent voter and an independent evaluator

What are the reasons that would lead me to vote for this candidate? To start off with he is very smart not just book smart. I would describe this good man as humbly smart, a listener with a good heart. Is all this a reason to hire him as the next great leader of this nation? Wow! this is a tough one for me

Normally I like a leader with some military experience or an equivalent. [ let me check on that]

Here is a exert from politico a left leaning blog

“ Dr. Ben Carson has no business experience, no military experience, and no political experience. So, why do Republicans want him to run for President” (by Maruza Ferous) I found this article in political. It is well reasoned. I read it and I have to agree on the face of it . The good doctor may not have the right stuff to be the president  on paper, but standing up to the big government wonks on both sides of the political spectrum make him an interesting choice

My evaluation of Dr. Ben Carson is that he may not be ready for the white house but he is ready for the race and time will tell.  I Like him and want him in the race he is one of the spices that will make this stew great. I’m licking my chops to see and hear more from him.

S. Henry Knocker

Blog 62 Is Hillary the anointed one

As you read this evaluation of Hillary please understand that I am an independent voter and an independent evaluator.

What are the reasons that would lead me to vote for this candidate? Well she is the best known of all the candidates. She may be the best known person in the world. She will probably get the vote of every do nothing voter in the electret. That’s not good enough for this voter.

She’s a Woman. We have never had a woman and it’s about time that changed, but that’s no reason to hire a commander in chief. If that’s all it takes to lead how about one of these two.  Two of the nation’s finest women just made it through West Point and Ranger Training. That’s some pretty righteous stuff. I have known a lot of west pointers in my time Most of them were upright and honorable if Hillary were one of them I would consider the vote.

Upright and honorable that’s a big thing with me so here goes. Do I consider Hillary upright and honorable? She’s a lawyer that’s supposed to be an upright and honorable profession? Well some are and some are politicians. I can’t let that be the bases for any decision I make to hire her for the top cop possession. This coupled with her poor job performance since she left the senate is pushing me into the; my vote is unlikely to do that category.

My real problem with this candidate is that she is a lawyer. I know something about lawyers and most of the ones I know would not be comingling legal and personal matters such as funds or client records such as work related documents with personal documents. It just isn’t done old girl?

Now the real clincher, it is clear to me that the former first lady has mishandled Top Secret      Documents. She is there by rendered not qualified to hold the job that requires that its holder be cleared to handle the nation’s top secrets.

A really smart person, as many have purported Hillary to be, would know this stuff, and never let herself get near any of it, let alone up to her neck in it.

The overreaching question is, why Hillary? Why did you expose yourself to this? At one time you must have been smart enough to know this was a bad idea. What happened? Could it be senility? Or has your pot smoking hippy life style of the 60s started catching up to you? That’s it too much residual T.H.C., I knew I would stumble over the answer if I kept at it.   This is what we all must do, keep asking questions. The answers will come either from the candidates themselves or from our own imaginations.  How shall we judge you? It’s your choice.

S.Henry Knocker