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Blog 64 Birthright citizenship

Blog 64   Birthright citizenship

I took the following exert from Breitbart news

The author of the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment, Senator Jacob Howard of Michigan, a close friend of President Lincoln, stated, “[The 14th amendment] will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States….” Moreover, the 1896 US Supreme Court decision often cited as affirming citizenship for children born to immigrants, US v. Wong Kim Ark, concerned only a LEGAL immigrant.

Doing a little homework reveals that no Supreme Court case has ever directly confronted the question of birthright citizenship for children born to illegal aliens. That is a fact no matter how many times O’Reilly and the Fox team try to obfuscate the matter

From the free republic The History of the Sixteenth Amendment | Dr. W. Cleon Skousen

When the first income tax was sent out to the people, the Congress chortled confidently that “all good citizen will willingly and cheerfully support and sustain this, the fairest and cheapest of all taxes.” That was the cute little monkey part. After all, the first tax ranged from merely 1% on the first $20,000 of taxable income and was only 7% on incomes above $500,000. Who could complain?(Ed. note: In 1994 “d At first, scarcely anyone did. Little did they know that before the tinkering was done in Washington, this system would be described by many Americans as the most unfair and expensive tax in the history of the nation. Within a few years, it had become the principal source of income for the federal government. dollars” that $20K is now over $250K and the $500K is today over $6 million!)

I have put these exerts before you to make this point:  What a politician tells you and what gets made into law are vastly different creations. At first the constitution was the vehicle by which the government was restrained.  Now it is the vehicle by which the government and its bureaucracy enslave and restrain the masses, by pitting us one against the other.

They Chortled (Laughed) and the people were turned into Haters of one another

S.  Henry Knocker

Blog 62 Is Hillary the anointed one

Blog 62  Is Hillary the anointed one

As you read this evaluation of Hillary please understand that I am an independent voter and an independent evaluator.

What are the reasons that would lead me to vote for this candidate? Well she is the best known of all the candidates. She may be the best known person in the world. She will probably get the vote of every do nothing voter in the electret. That’s not good enough for this voter.

She’s a Woman. We have never had a woman and it’s about time that changed, but that’s no reason to hire a commander in chief. If that’s all it takes to lead how about one of these two.  Two of the nation’s finest women just made it through West Point and Ranger Training. That’s some pretty righteous stuff. I have known a lot of west pointers in my time Most of them were upright and honorable if Hillary were one of them I would consider the vote.

Upright and honorable that’s a big thing with me so here goes. Do I consider Hillary upright and honorable? She’s a lawyer that’s supposed to be an upright and honorable profession? Well some are and some are politicians. I can’t let that be the bases for any decision I make to heir her for the top cop possession. This coupled with her poor job performance since she left the senate is pushing me into the; my vote is unlikely to do that category.

My real problem with this candidate is that she is a lawyer. I know something about lawyers and most of the ones I know would not be comingling legal and personal matters such as funds or client records such as work related documents with personal documents. It just isn’t done old girl?

Now the real clincher, it is clear to me that the former first lady has mishandled Top Secret Documents. . She is there by rendered not qualified to hold the job that requires that its holder be cleared to handle the nation’s top secrets.

A really smart person, as many have purported Hillary to be, would know this stuff, and never let herself get near any of it, let alone up to her neck in it.

The overreaching question is, why Hillary? Why did you expose yourself to this? At one time you must have been smart enough to know this was a bad idea. What happened? Could it be senility? Or has your pot smoking hippy life style of the 60s started catching up to you? That’s it too much residual T.H.C., I knew I would stumble over the answer if I kept at it. This is what we all must do, keep asking questions. The answers will come either from the candidates themselves or from our own imaginations.  How shall we judge you? It’s your choice.

S.Henry Knocker

Blog 61 Why are the American people so angry with politicians?

Is it because we are a fickle nation? Do we allow ourselves to be chivied into voting for politicians based on the latest pronouncements of a socialist press or the prejudices of our hearts instead of considering the long-term consequences of our uninformed vote? I point out in my book, A View from the Street / River City Policing; we are caught up in the illusion of due the minimum get the maximum. While there is evidence that it works in the public sector because of the greed and hunger for power of politicians. Doing the minimum when it comes to voting in (Hiring a politician) to represent us is foolish and downright dangerous. This can be seen in the man we hired as our president. As far as I can see he was selected because, 1 He was a democrat, 2 he had a nice smile, and 3 he gave a good speech. The man is otherwise unqualified for the job. He hates the military and the Police. He believes that America is too big for her britches on the world stage, and has a propensity towards arrogance.

Every leader that I have ever learned to respect has had the following qualities. 1. They were humble yet firm and decisive. 2 they chose people that new the job they were tasked with and they listened to the advice that those leaders gave him or her. 3. The expectation for others was high and they held others accountable to the mission. 4. They demanded from and gave respect to all those they served.  I said served because that is what a good leader is. A servant to all he or she leads, and the mission they are tasked with.

When I evaluate a politician I am not concerned with what they think I want to hear come out of their mouth. I want to know what they think. I want to know what they will do in a crisis. In war I don’t want a civilian deciding when and where to commit troops. I want the leaders that the nation has trained to fight wars doing the bulk of that.  Win baby win! Don’t put my kids in the possession of giving up thier safety because the enemy might be offended or get slapped around a bit. The Army field manual was the product of wartime experiences and should not be subject to the feel-good whims of a deranged political hack that happens to occupy the house on Pennsylvania Ave.

In peace I want someone that understands the burden that taxation puts on the American taxpayer. One that understands that prosperity is the best social welfare program ever devised. That the borders of the United States are our borders and we have the duty to defend them from armed invaders weather they come in uniform or disguised as civilians calling themselves urban gangs like MS 13 taking territory in our cities killing civilians while the sitting government pretends it’s a local police matter. That B.S. needs to stop!

Let’s examine some facts. This army illegally crossed our borders coming from all over Mexico and South America infiltrating in small groups they are funded by a multi-billion dollar extra-legal organization outside our borders some of our own citizens have defected to these invaders and our smart guys in Washington DC think is a local police matter. Declare war on the bastards and put them in POW camps till the war is over then send them home.

Our own treasonous murders we can deal with in accordance to our laws, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice (U.C.M.J.) .  Let the congress declare it a shooting war with the marines involved and watch the thugs through down their weapons and declare, not me! They would be running for the border faster than Obama can raise our taxes. But Knocker is crazy they will never go for the simple solution when they can stand by and watch a whole generation of Poor young men, White, Black, Hispanic, be slaughtered in the streets of American cities.  I know the K.K.K. wants it that way, but the government of this nation should not be doing the bidding of that bunch.

S. Henry Knocker

Is Face book the new “F” word?

Blog 60

Gee Knocker; Why would you ask a question like that?

Well, I asked the Question to grab your attention. First of all I don’t know a dam thing about Face Book or how it works. Oh I can look at it and post a few things, but once I get it posted I’m done they say you can get rid of stuff but dammed if I can figure out how to do that

I recently finished writing My book “A View from the street / River City Policing and I launched it as a Fund raiser for the VFW post 5564 In McCleary WA. I was at a district meeting hosted by our V F W post and soon observed that Vets in wheel chairs had more than a little trouble using the rest rooms. It took three or four guys jockeying the chairs around to get them through the doors. This post was built long before the ADA mandated that disabled persons needed to be accommodated in these types of facilities. I decided then and there that I would use my book to help raise funds to renovate this post and help these vets that served and are now stopped at the restroom door from being all they can be in continued service to this nation.

Well I went up on face book and started messaging the V F W Post all over the country with the message that we were holding this fund raiser I also messaged some of the book stores that claimed to be friends of the VFW

One Book store owner called me from Chicago and complained that I was spamming and he made a bunch of threats regarding this and said he was reporting me to Face Book. Of course I apologized and tried to make it wright with him. A few days later I was suspended from Face book for a day and then for several weeks I was suspended every other day then Face Book suspended me for 30 days

I was able to get word to my friends that this was going on and of course we are all laughing about it. I tried to explain to Face Book because they say: If you disagree with the actions they take you can send them a message and they will look into it.

I tried to do what they asked and they blocked that action too. I thought I could maybe post on My face book page, but no they Blocked that too. Must be the Great Leftwing conspiracy do the minimum get the maximum lefties, socking it to the conservative.

Too this I say bless your little cold rock hard hearts Face Book.

S. Henry Knocker

Book signings

Hello I am a Local author, A Retired Police Officer. I have written a new book Titled:
A View from the Street /River City Policing
By S. Henry Knocker

The book is about a town in Western Washington State
The book is a street cop’s view of policing.
The book contains the story of how he grew to become a dedicated officer.
The book narrates the trials and tribulations of a number of persons trying to extricate themselves from sometimes tragic and sometimes humorous situation.

The author gives his views on The Military Drugs, race relations, politics, and raising children
The Book is taking part in a Fund raising effort for V F W Post 5564
I will be at the McCleary Washington VFW Post 5564 on July the 11th 1PM to 3PM

Other Book signing events will be held in western Washington Starting at the Barns and Noble in Olympia on July 26 from 3PM to 5PM and at the Grays Harbor County Fair in August. Other events will be posted on As events are scheduled

Thanks again
S. Henry Knocker

It’s Not All Black and White

Blog 59
Just like in the plot of an old Barney Miller episode: When a black man is confronted with a source of victimization in which he perceives he was unfairly targeted because of his race and then blames all white men for the perceived insult. The white man then perceives he has been victimized by the assertion that all white men are raciest.

We can conceptually understand the depth of his pain and the tendency to lash out at the white world he blames, for the hurt inflicted by the carless application of a stereotype, but we cannot feel his pain. Neither can he feel the pain of a white man unfairly lumped in with the original perpetrator of the original insult.

Now we come to the media: By Media I mean all the regular information outlets and the race baiters seeking a finical gain from stoking the flames of bigotry. The Al Sharpton’s and David Dukes of the world, the scumbag political hacks that infest the internet, all those who don’t give a dam about the hurt inflicted by individuals of any race.

This did not start with Slavery. Slavery has been around since the beginning of recorded history, it started with one person’s contempt for another. Race is just a convenient accident of nature seized upon to facilitate the acquisition of Money or Power or both.

When one of these dust ups gets started, we all need to remember that we are all just people, and none are without sin. When apologies are in order give them from the heart. What does it cost? A little pride? What is that compared to the pain involved. When apologies are given accept them and move on.

It isn’t anything a little Bar-B-Que and a beer can’t cure

I should interject here that I am not attempting to minimize the nature of tragic encounters involving race. We must at least attempt to keep those who would profit from it from stirring the pot.

Your Friend:
S. Henry Knocker