Blog 65 Is Dr. Ben Carson someone that I could vote for to lead this nation

As you read this evaluation of this candidate please understand that I am an independent voter and an independent evaluator

What are the reasons that would lead me to vote for this candidate? To start off with he is very smart not just book smart. I would describe this good man as humbly smart, a listener with a good heart. Is all this a reason to hire him as the next great leader of this nation? Wow! this is a tough one for me

Normally I like a leader with some military experience or an equivalent. [ let me check on that]

Here is a exert from politico a left leaning blog

“ Dr. Ben Carson has no business experience, no military experience, and no political experience. So, why do Republicans want him to run for President” (by Maruza Ferous) I found this article in political. It is well reasoned. I read it and I have to agree on the face of it . The good doctor may not have the right stuff to be the president  on paper, but standing up to the big government wonks on both sides of the political spectrum make him an interesting choice

My evaluation of Dr. Ben Carson is that he may not be ready for the white house but he is ready for the race and time will tell.  I Like him and want him in the race he is one of the spices that will make this stew great. I’m licking my chops to see and hear more from him.

S. Henry Knocker

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