Blog 66 Is Jeb Bush someone I could vote for to be the next leader of our Nation?

As you read this evaluation of this candidate please understand that I am an independent voter and an independent evaluator

What are the reasons that would lead me to vote for this candidate? Soft spoke and unflappable he is well known by virtue of the fact his father and brother are farmer presidents of the United States. As a Republican, his politics are a bit left of center. As a former Governor of the great state of Florida, he has an excellent record in that state.  I could vote for the guy, but why should I?

Is His stance on Immigration a reason NO! He just chastised Mr. Trump for saying our laws mean something.

We can’t offend the Hispanic vote is his reasoning.

Well if the law abiding Hispanics are offended by a whole bunch of their people being singled out because they are in fact breaking the laws of this nation, I have something to say about that. If you are offended suck it up and get your head right. You are not first a Hispanic you are first a citizen of the United States of America. You are pledged to follow the law. If you don’t like the law lets change it. This is a big problem and something has to be done. We can’t keep going along to get along. We need someone who will confront the problem and fix it.  Either all of us stand together or we will all fall separately.

Now I ask this question; are we American citizens of the United States? Or are we Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, Asian, and Native American?  As citizens of the United States of America, we can’t pick and choose what laws we well obey and what laws we will not, based on Politics.

Well now; are we proud citizens of this country or are we going to be the socialist sheep the left wants us to be?

S.Henry Knocker

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