Blog 67 Fanning the flames of civil war

Black lives matter and its enablers are fanning the flames of civil war, for the root of all evil; Money. There is money in it for race baiting pimps like All Sharpton. There is money in it for haters and looters. There is money in it for media bomb throwers with a fixation on disarming law abiding citizens. There is money in it for politicians pandering to voters that don’t know any more about what these politician are up to than a pig knows about Sunday.

I spent 30 years of my life in policing. I went through the 60s and 70s with the weather underground and the S.D.S,  the George Jackson brigade and other anarchist pointing their fingers at the police because, Professor politicians whipped them up in our polluted colleges. Now one of these professor thugs occupies the White House. His minions are in the streets and he is in Alaska, working on his “plausible deniability”

When this crap happens and the president skulks out of town instead of issuing a call to calm and sensibility, He is part of the problem

You are either part of the solution or your part of the problem. In the case of the president of the United States He is the problem.

Mr. President If you’re not going to stand up for the police and law and order you are the problem. Get the hell out and do your job or Get the hell out of the Whitehouse and turn the Job over to someone that Will!

  1. Henry Knocker

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