Blog 68 How to think when they are lying

There are political lies, little white lies, balled faced lies, and lies of convenience. I guess there are more types of lies than carter has pills.

Having been a Police officer for 30 years I guess I have heard them all or at least nearly all. Today I was doing my Twitter thing and came across a tweet about stopping Hillary from lying. I tweeted back “why do you want to stop her she does it so well?” That got me thinking about all the lies the police hear daily.

Did you know that about a third of all women that a police officer stops for speeding cry and tell the officer some sob story? Some officers writ every one of them, even if they weren’t going to when the stop was made, just to warn them for some minor infraction. They look at the crying as a lie. Men get the citation if the excuse and the action don’t match,; like there was no one coming as they rolled through a stop sign or ran a red light. The officer may have seen the approach of a car the driver did not want to acknowledge. Now he figures that the driver was not paying attention or that he is lying. Either determination would generate a citation.

In the case of the crying ladies some officers get offended by this. I never did I would make an attempt to determine if the cause of the tears was genuine. I would ask myself if the stop was to warn the individual, male or female, because profiling is BS, most of the time a Police officer can’t tell if the driver is white or black male or female until the stop is made. At this point I would judge that the determination of whether a citation is issued or an arrest is made is determined by the event, and the attitude of the offender. Be nice and there is a 50/50 shot they let you off. Be respectful and it 25/75 they let you off. Be respectful and repent and the odds go higher. As a rule, the longer the free lecture the less chance you have to pay the judge. lawyers are almost never free to talk to.

The ladies that cried I handled them by saying nicely, if the problem they were having has reduced them to the state of tears? I was going to recommend that they discontinue driving and I would call someone of their choosing to come and get them and the vehicle or they could have a tow truck and cab take them home. If they refused the assistance I would say if I see you drive away from here in this state I will arrest you for reckless driving take you to jail and impound the vehicle. This usually stopped the waterworks. To be fair some of the guys try this too I had one notorious’ young man actually get down on his knees in traffic and beg me not to arrest him for the fourth time for driving with his license suspended. He cried all the way to jail he only stopped when I said I had no choice the judge had given us a court order to arrest him every time we saw him behind the wheel. It was a white lie but it worked. Don’t be offended at the fact that some fools believe Hillary’s little white lies. everybody does it so “what difference does it make?” Maybe she should rethink that one?

S.Henry Knocker

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