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Respect for elders and the liberal left

Blog 12
Respect for elders and the liberal left

When I was in grade school in the 50’s the average class size was between 35 and 40 students. Most of the teachers after the 4th grade were ex-military officers fresh out of the Korean War. They commanded respect. They came to class in business suits and ties. We did not even know their first names let alone call them anything but MR. Mrs. Miss. Or Sir or MAM! I do remember one boy in the class asked my 5th grade teacher what his first name was.

He got a strong rebuke, and this explanation “I have graduated from college with a BA in History. It took me 4 years of my life to do that. I have the right to be addressed as Mister. You will address me as mister. You do not need to know my first name until you have received your degree”. From that moment on I wanted a college degree.

Many of The teachers today want to be addressed by their first names. I personally find this offensive. It diminishes them and me. How can adults in society be so indifferent to their social responsibility to teach respect for others. They don’t respect themselves and the effort it took to get them too where they are as the leaders and the moral guides they report to be.

What could be the reason the left thinks it is a good idea to do away with respect. Why? If you do this you put one’s self at the same level as those you are trying to elevate. Now you are trying to push them up rather than trying to lift them up. Lifting requires greater effort on the part of both parties. You have to want to be a good college student. You can’t or should not be pushed into it. I was 24 before I was ready for college it took 8 years to get my degree while working fulltime as a police officer. I wanted it!

Why are there so many cases these days of teachers having inappropriate relations with students? I don’t think the teachers that want to be on a first name bases with their students are trying to lift anyone up. They are trying to get down with the kids if you know what I mean. Now maybe not all of them have this goal in mind, but those that don’t are giving aid and comfort to the one’s that do. Liberalism is constantly excusing bad behavior, redefining words, and belittling those that differ from there doctrine of can’t we all just get along.

A civil society is not a go along to get along society. It is one that sets standards and adheres to those standards. I don’t completely disagree with liberals because society sometimes forgets the golden rule when they set standards. Injustices must be fought against with all the vigor we can muster. The trouble comes when for political advantage we fail to recognize that the war has been won.

A case in point is this phony race war,the liberals keep waging. It’s over, get over it. Stop stirring up phony race wars and get on with correcting the real problem of enforced poverty. If an oppressed minority wants to get out of poverty they must stop voting for people who depend on their vote to stay in office. Make both parties compete. Don’t give it to them by default make them earn it. Don’t listen to race baiting politicians. Kick them in the nuts and tell them it’s about jobs and education. Demand policies that foster home, family and work opportunities. Money and upward mobility will follow the family that stays together and works hard. Demand things like charter schools. Police your street, stand up and demand the respect you are entitled to. Tell the criminal element in your midst to straighten up or ship out. It’s not the color of one’s skin that makes you right or wrong it is your actions and what comes out of your mouth.

Those of us that grew up poor and got out of it, know this fact. To break the cycle poverty you must opt out of the poor cycle. Leave everything behind that seeks to keep you in the cycle. This may mean that you lose your best friend. Never mind that you can come and get them later, if they are worth it, and show them the way. We are NEVER! going to get even with the people that hurt us and ground our faces in the dirt. That’s GOD’S job anyway. Our job as Christians is to fight the good fight.

See you on the other side.

S. Henry Knocker theknockerblog.com

The dumbing down of the American society

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The dumbing down of the American society

The American society of today has been dumbed down to the extent that Bill O’Reilly can send out his man; Jessy Waters; on the street and at noisome find college kids that can’t get by what was 6th grade civics; when Bill and I went to school in the 50’s, with questions like who was the vice president, or secretary of state? Then they look at him with a blank stare.

With that I wish to relate a real story from my book: A View From The Street / River City Policing, coming out this winter.

It was a warm summer evening. The children were partying and generally enjoying themselves. I was working the 2 Robert 9 district. I had responded to a loud party call, probably from some social outcast who hadn’t been invited to the party. I had been dispatched to the complaint in a large apartment complex around 10 p.m. Everyone in the complex was partying. Most of the sliding glass doors were open. The evening being warm, you would expect that. The call was routine. (Hey cops out there, before you say “nothing is routine in police work,” don’t you think I know that? It’s my story. Snotty office poges say those things. I contact the complainant and the party goers and try to come to some accommodation between the parties. That might have been the end of the fun had it not been for the 8 to 4 crew who had swung by to back me up. The 8 to 4 crew’s sole purpose was to be a floater car. They went where the action was.

I cleared the noise complaint after getting the parties to respect each other’s right to exist. As I was about to exit the lot, I saw that the 8 to 4 crew had stopped a group of revelers in a car across from the apartment complex at the Gull gas station. There were two apartment buildings along NE 4th with their rear decks overlooking NE 4th.

About 20 feet to the rear and south of the unmarked patrol car, was a young man dancing around shaking his fist at the officers of the 8 to 4 crew. He was yelling at the top of his lungs the vilest obscenities imaginable. I let them know I was there and was observing the young gentleman. I exited my patrol car and strolled across NE 4th noticing as I did, the young man had garnered the attention of most of the folks in the two buildings along NE 4th. There were several other groups of people coming out of the other buildings to see what all the commotion was about. The young man was seemingly oblivious to me or the audience he had attracted with his antics. I walked up behind him and stood there and looked around at the crowd. I lifted my hands in a jester meaning, “can you believe this?” The young man still had not noticed that I was standing right next to him, just to his rear. He was still spewing out obscenities when I leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “F YOU.”

He then jumped straight in the air and spun around. At this point he noticed that I was a 6 foot 5 inch police officer in full uniform and there was a crowd of at least 100 onlookers laughing and pointing at him. That’s when he was overcome with religion and piety.

The young man started jumping around and yelling at the crowd while pointing at me repeating over and over “HE SAID THE F WORD.” While doing this, he lost all his concentration on the 8 to 4 crew, who by this time had finished their warning of the driver of the car they had stopped. They had exited their unit and were now standing behind the young man. As he bounced around yelling, “he said the f word,” and pointing at me, he happened to back up into the 8 to 4 crew. They snatched him up, one on each side of the young man, lifting him off the ground. At this point, this young man demanded to see the Sargent. “I am the Sargent,” came the reply, “and you’re under arrest for disorderly conduct.” The crowd roared.

I know I should not have said the F word. Something came over me. The sight of this anarchist challenging authority over something he knew nothing about created an exigent circumstance. At such times, the Supreme Court has ruled that police can act outside the bounds of decorum to reestablish public order. I have every expectation that the ACLU will forgive this slight peccadillo on my part. Choices have consequences.

This young man had been educated in the finest of our public schools or so the local educators claimed. I suspect that the part of the education process called discipline was absent in the school and home life of the young man in question., Apparently that aspect of his upbringing had been remanded to us the working cops. Now we take personal offence to being the default administers of corporal punishment but, we did the job when forced into it.

S Henry Knocker

The effect of a do the minimum get the maximum Philosophy

Blog 10
The effect of a do the minimum get the maximum Philosophy

I was about ten years into my career as a police officer when the so called new breed of cop arrived on the scene. They were collage educated liberal leaning children of the sixties enlightenment. They were gravitating to the profession in ever increasing numbers.

This was due to a marked increase in pay being offered those who would take up the challenges of this daunting profession. Salaries had increased from $711.00 a month to $2300.00 a month the job of Police Officer had entered the middle class. Those of us that were already in law enforcement were encouraged to get our college degrees. When the government offered to pay for our education with the L.E.E.P. program in exchange for years of service Many of us jumped at the chance. I took the program clear into graduate school at Seattle University.

I worked full time and took a full load at university. I was active in the Police Guild and Helped to improve the pay and working conditions on our department. We also encouraged other departments to form Guilds rather than engage in Bargaining through corrupt national unions. It was felt that many of these unions were in the pocket of organized crime and that was an influence we wanted to avoid at all cost.
When I first heard the term ”Do the Minimum get the Maximum” I was shocked but not surprised that it came from the son of teachers whose parents were active in that Union. Only liberal minds could conceive such a maxim. Get paid to do as little as is possible while sticking the taxpayer for as much as you can. Convince politicians that the people are behind you, because you have never had a citizen’s complaint, and those other guys that do get some complaints are unworthy, and a political liability, even though they do most of the work. In effect steal advancement from those that deserve it.

Whose fault is this? Ultimately and collectively it is the peoples fault because they vote for every feel good thing that comes down the pike. Every politician that promises a free lunch! Because of all the bloat that is created the tax payer ends up paying two or three times what they should for everything when you roll in all the costs.

By way of example; If I have an officer that works hard and engages the enemy, (Criminals) in a given area it is a fact that the officer will not just interact with the criminal element, but will get up close and personal with the innocent tax payer and some of those interactions will be negative.

The positive that comes out of this is that the crime rate in the area will be driven down. This is because the officers with the reputation for no nonsense will cause the criminals to move on and or take them out. This drives down the need for extra officers. The taxpayer in those areas gets a break on his various insurances. Taxes can be used to improve streets and infrastructure and property values go up.

Politicians have a nasty habit of getting between the officer and success because of those citizens that complain. Police chiefs have a habit of getting in the way also. They don’t like the politicians on their necks. Some are politicians in their own right and not real chiefs. The news media are not helpful in that they rarely act rational when there is sensation in the wind.

What is needed is an independent review process with a board made up of citizen’s police union reps. Police administrators and a street cop picked by the public. The reason for this is to keep hard working conscientious officers working hard. Get them properly rewarded for their efforts and stop the slide towards do the minimum get the maximum hacks.

S. Henry Knocker

What Happens When Parents Opt Out

Blog 9 What Happens When Parents Opt Out

Over the last 60 odd years Parents in this nation and indeed all over the western world have opted out of their responsibility to guide and discipline their children. Please understand that this may be apparent to me because of the View I have had growing up and my 30 years of policing

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s in a poor section of the city the oldest of10 brothers and sisters I was pressed into service early in life. I was helping with washing clothes, doing dishes, cutting the grass, gardening, as well as changing diapers of my siblings by the time I was old enough to follow my mother’s instructions. It was like I was born Old. I was about 6 when I ran my left arm into one of those ringers on our ringer washer. If you don’t know what that was it was a motorized tub with a agitator and a set of rollers that you fed the wet closes into to squeeze the water out before they were hung out on a line to dry.

Our mother didn’t like house work and would put it off as long as she could, preferring to work outside or read books. I was always ashamed to have kids over to the house because of the mess. It never seemed to bother mother. By the time I was in my early teens I wanted out. So I acted out, ran away, refused to go home and was generally a pain in the butt to my parents. If it was not for my great grandfather caring when I was young I would never have made it.

I joined the army as soon as I was old enough 17, 1/2 I was a good solider because I wanted to be. This is where I developed the “YOU GOTTA WANNA” philosophy. “You gotta wanna means”; if you want something you have to work for it. You must do things with a passion. No half measures will do.

This made me a good solider. I made rank fast. When I got out I carried this philosophy into police work. There I was forced to choose whether I wanted to make rank or be the best cop I could. I first tried to do both but soon learned that I was better suited to being a working cop rather than a political stooge. I was active in the police guild and became the guild secretary and Vice President, and then president.
As a patrolman I tried to work one district as much as possible. I chose the R 9 district. I did this because it was the poorest section of town and was the busiest and therefore I thought the best place to learn the most. Brother was I right on that one. I did more real police work in a year than most of the guys that were avoiding that district did in ten years. I recruited a couple other go getters on another shift and together we cleaned it up going from 30 burglaries or more a month to less than ten. Car prowls and other crimes went down also.

I learned not just who was doing the crime but why they were doing them. It came down to the same reason I joined the army as a youth. I wanted out and they wanted out too. Most of them had parents that just didn’t care. The parents were living their lives and the kids, for the lack of a better description,were in the way. They all said they cared, but when it came right down to it, what they cared about was not being bothered. The kids ran the streets, skipped school, got bad grades, and smoked mom and daddy’s dope, cigarettes, and drank their booze, several even sniffed gasoline.

Effective parenting starts at 6 months and continues the rest of your life. Get that fact threw your head and be happy. Spare the rod and spoil the child the bible says. That doesn’t mean beat them. It means to train up your children in the way they should go. A rod is a walking stick, a tool of correction. It has a hook on it to grab and pull a child from that which is dangerous. If the rod is present the child will see the parent cares and be fix on the path. Otherwise it is a crapshoot. I was lucky. I had a great grandfather that cared. He put me on the path. but died when I was nine. Still, I knew he cared and I am not going to disappoint him ever!

S. Henry Knocker

A PSA for Ferguson Missouri

A PSA for Ferguson Missouri
Attention Minority Community
Wanted Minority Recruits for Ferguson MO. Police Department.

***Warning This work is dangerous and physically and mentally demanding***

Applicants must be willing to do the following: Be of good moral fiber, physically fit, and able to pass the Law enforcement standard test for physical fitness, Pass a mental evaluation, Pass an Oral and written Examination,
(Personal mentoring is available by any of our officers that are willing to take you on. You must be bold enough to seek them out and ask for help.)

If you are selected as a rookie officer you WILL endure the following:

At least 400 Hours of intense instruction in criminal Law, civil rights, the US and State Constitutions, basic criminal investigation, basic crime scene investigation, basic traffic investigation, Self-defense tactics, felony stops, advanced first aide, CPR. Fire arms proficiency shoot no shoot training, you will be expected to meet basic standards in all these areas or you WILL be washed out.
If you are accepted you will be put on one year probation. You will be referred to as a Rookie officer the lowest form of human life.

( Veterans does this sound like something you have endured before)

Next you will be given a series of weapons, a badge, uniform, bullet proof vest ECT. You will be taken to a place of public execution and sworn in as commissioned Police Officer.

Don’t let this go to your head because even if you pass the probation period, you won’t be a fully functional officer for five years, Some never get there. They get paid for doing the minimum and getting the maximum. Don’t let that happen to you!

During the time you are becoming an officer you will lose all your racial identity and become blue. You will be abused by, fellow officers, your family, the press, old friends, pastors, wives, and your own children.

Suck it up, work hard, stand tall, you will become Americas finest.

Got the guts for it; or would you like to piss your life away as some two bit hoodlum in the hood

S. Henry Knocker

The further adventures of Officer Smedley

Bolg 7
The further adventures of Officer Smedley
I became Smedley the day I took a rookie out from the station on a hot call there was a car prowl in progress and several units went on the call. After completing the call my rookie needed to stop at a restroom. We pulled into a gas station he got out to do his thing, because we had not done our checks of the vehicle before leaving the police parking area, I started doing the checks, Radio fine, gas full shot gun in the rack, now here is where things got sticky. One of the checks is to see that the shot gun was not left loaded with a round in the chamber and it was on safe. We had switched from the full stock type to the pistol grip and they were mounted with the barrel down on the floor. This was done to make the weapon safer and to prevent smokers from using the barrel of the shot gun for an ash tray. Some of the jokers thought it was cute to see some guy check the shot gun and get a lap full of ash.

As luck would have it all the things that could go wrong were wrong that day. I attempted to remove the shot gun from the locked stand the lock was stuck. I pulled on it a couple times and it would not release. While pulling on it my finger got into the trigger housing and the gun discharged. The car was lifted up. Not knowing what happened I dove out of the car and took cover the gas station attendants were showered with debris. The rookie was just stepping into the bathroom he dove for cover. We thought we were under attack we were asking where that came from and advising all the workers and patrons to take cover when I noticed smoke coming from under the patrol car. I told the rookie I think someone had thrown an explosive device under the car. After everything quieted down we made a closer inspection and found the hole in the floor which leads to the shotgun going off. When I informed the rookie his first words were “knocker it happened anyway you say it did”. Fortunately the damage was limited to a hole in the floor and a couple dents in the exhaust. I took my “au shit award” with as much grace as I could muster.

For a while the station turned into a free fire zone. Everybody got into the act. The chief was talking to a gun salesman in his office when the guy shot a round through a chair in his office. The rookie was unloading his gun in the locker room and cranked one through the ceiling. Someone shot a hole through the T V stand in the briefing room. To top it all off some citizen walked in with a shot gun and shot his face off at the front counter and a lot of changes were made. We all retreated behind bullet proof walls. This was due more to the citizen shooting his face off than the rash of accidental discharges around the station. We dubbed him the guy that shot his face off because that’s what happened the shot was not fatale. It just removed his chin. All his food had to be put through a blender and he ate threw a straw.

Why people think that the police should be involved in any way in their demise is a complete mystery to me. We are there to protect and serve. There is nothing in the moto to indicate that we are the implementers of suicide. Having said this; I note that a couple times a year the average cop is faced with decisions reflecting some citizen’s desire to end it all. Most just want us to intervene and get them help.
This brings me to the incident in Ferguson Missouri. When you boil this down it looks to the entire world like “suicide by Cop”. He drew the police into his torment with the actions in the store. Then he attacks the officer. Then after being injured in the scuffle in the patrol car, He retreats long enough to give the officer the chance to recover and then charges the officer. He was a big man he had the advantage of this smaller man even wounded could have finished the job in the car. The car is a death trap in this situation for the officer.

In my opinion this may have been a suicide, well planned and designed to let him go out with some notoriety. It is sad but we have all seen this act before.
S. Henry Knocker

The adventures of Officer Smedley ES Stupido Von Woopsclinger

Blog 6
The adventures of Officer Smedley ES Stupido Von Woopsclinger

No Fair look at the business of policing can be undertaken without some acknowledgement that profession has its less than stellar moments.

We are not talking about the kind of incident that unfolded in Ferguson Missouri Last month. We are going to look at those moments when the brain sends out a message that if acted upon will, no doubt cause us to utter the words “Au Shit” and up our chances of winning that coveted award at the next dinner dance.

It is said that; Strange things happen in the land of the midnight sun.
When the exhaust of the prowler car is allowed to run.
When the ghosts of the vortex materialize near dawn,
and the lines of battle are drawn.

We are not talking about this manifestations of the weird conjuring’s of the night that makes our blood run cold.

We are speaking of the one off stupid. The incident on the range where an otherwise well trained officer that can’t shoot for Poop leaves his coat on the range under his target and proceeds to shoot it full of holes then when others on the line notice this they join in on the fun an all start blasting the coat to shreds. This gave rise to the term “Gomezing” your gun which is quite common. A shooter, anticipating the bang, closes his or her eyes and pushes forward on the gun which drops the barrel and causes a very low shot. I saw a lot of this, when I was training troops at Fort Lewis. We even saw this when a General Officer turned up with the affliction.

We are speaking about the officer that when dispatched to a call at a local hotel of a possible bomb in the bath room and finding a bag with a sign that states, “This is a bomb”. While his fellow officers are discussing how to proceed in the orderly evacuation of the building, takes it on himself to draw his night stick and beat the bag to pieces and thereby cause a stampede of officers and citizens into the parking lot. Then he comes out and announces that it was just a bunch of flairs. No! Smedley was not fired for that one.
Smedley Was not fired for telling his rookie trainee, “never fire a warning shot as the round will be out there somewhere and there is no control over where it may come down”. No less than 15 minutes later he fires a warning shot as we are chasing a felon up an alley. We clearly heard him say “au shit” when the shot rang out.

Smedley liked to be well armed he was a transfer from another department I told him not to wear the ankle weapon a small 22 cal. Auto with an exposed hammer. But this young Smedley new better he went to court I went on patrol. Two hours later I get a call to “help the officer” I was a block from the station. Smedley was in the parking lot. I get there and find him sitting in his car holding his foot up in great pain. I ask what happened? He says “ I was getting in the car and hit the leg weapon on the door jam and it went off. He shot a hole in the bottom of the holster and then into his ankle.

Years earlier another of his relatives had one of those small caliber weapons in his pocket and was interviewing a suspect when we were executing a warrant at a drug house. The suspect was standing in front of this Smedley with several officers flanking him. The questions were coming hot and heavy. Somebody said talk and thing could go better for you. The suspect was reluctant to talk. Smedley was fingering the gun in his pocket and becoming somewhat frustrated with the guy. There was a boom and the suspect doubled over from being hit in the privets with debris from a ricochet that bounced up from the floor. Smedley felt something cold slide down his leg and into his shoe. Smedley kept his cool. It was later determined to be change from his pocket. The suspect gave so much information after that that he became Smedley’s favorite source of information

S. Henry Knocker

Blog 5 How not to be noticed by the average police officer on patrol.

How not to be noticed by the average police officer on patrol.

Before I give you the top 10 ways to get yourself noticed by a patrol officer; I would like to clue you in about one major misconception, the public has about what a patrol vehicle is doing when it is on the road. What it is not, is a fellow motorist transporting himself to some job, or a doughnut checker going from one doughnut house to another, but I believe that is what most of the public thinks.

These vehicles are not using the road for the same purpose the rest of us are. They go fast. They go slow. They make those U turns where you can’t go. They go up the wrong way streets and park funny.
In order to put this into perspective it would helpful to think of these vehicles as you would the white blood cells in the immune system of the human body. They cruse around looking for impurities in the body of the host they are there to protect.

Hence the moto “to protect and serve”.

The greatest weapon a police officer has, in this endeavor to erase the impurities in the system, is his or her ability to observe. In this instance observe means, to see, hear, feel, smell, and know by ESP the impurities. A patrol officer that does not hone these skills and pay attention to them is doing a disservice to the public. Too many officers pay no attention to these skills and subscribe to the do the minimum and get the maximum philosophy. I write about this syndrome in my book A View from the Street / River City Policing, coming out this winter.

OK! Now that I think your head is right, we can discuss the ten ways to avoid getting noticed by the police. #1 don’t give them any help, by getting pissed off at a fellow traveler, who may have got distracted or failed to notice that the king of the universe (You) were around; and cut you off, disrespected you or to some degree caused you some discomfort. If you flip him or her off, retaliate or shoot at them, they will call on their cell phone, everyone has one, and you will get the attention of not just the local car but about every car anywhere near you. There will be several dispatchers and office clerks with computers. Depending on the circumstances there is no limit to the poop that may rain down on you, up to and including a fleet of B1 bombers pissing all over you. Well maybe they won’t go that far. But I wouldn’t count on it. Remember that satchel charge that took down that building in a large city back east a couple decades ago.
That’s the big one. The rest are minor in comparison and the order is debatable; speeding more than about 7 MPH over the limit, one over in a school zone, noise from those big speakers, playing in the snow, burning rubber, driving with both feet out the window, Playing with your phone, putting on makeup, and reading a book with your kid on your lap, or any combination of the above.

Now remember when you see one of these sleek vehicles cruse by you 10 or 15 over the limit, they don’t use the roads the way you do. They are stalking their pray.

Be thankful you read this blog and it wasn’t YOU!

S. Henry Knocker

Understanding -V- A Reason Not to Do It

Blog 4
Understanding -V- A Reason Not to Do It

The Liberal mind set is on understanding, rather than the Conservatives mantra of simply stating the expectation and expecting compliance.

These two views of the world don’t have to be at odds. The police should be rightly seen as the line drawers. They should be ones that give us all a reason not to transgress. The courts and the social services agencies should be in the business of meeting out justice and rehabilitation. The two should rarely be at odds. , but they are frequently.

Why is it then the case, that they are at odds?

I am going to try to explain it as I have come to see the problem. It is not just Liberalism that is the problem. We are the problem. We seed power to the courts to dispense Justice. We restrict the judgeships to lawyers. Lawyers are servants of the law. Lawyers for the most part look at the law as an absolute. Justice plays only an accidental role in the mind of a lawyer. In this system a rich man can rob a poor man by manipulation, and use lawyers to make the law his hammer. There is no justice here. It is my view that Judges should not be lawyers and lawyers should never be judges. The two carrier paths should be different. A judge should be concerned with the law but never a slave to it. When applying the law a judge should ask; is this Justice? They should not be thinking “If I am not re-elected and I go back to the law what president should I set here?” (Yes I think this go’s on!)

The argument against this is the law is so complicated that judges need to be lawyers. B.S. They make it complicated for a reason and it has little to do with Justice. If you have two good lawyers telling the judge what they think the law says, and the Judge can read, why do you need a third lawyer? Any second year cop could do the job. That would be a conflict of interest you say? And I say: A prosecutor or defense attorney becoming a judge isn’t a conflict of interest, give me a break.

The police should be able to look at a law and make black and white judgments as to whether to make arrests. This one is over 18. That one is under 18. A complaint is made and they arrest. The at risk youth don’t have to think (let’s see I’m 20 she is 16 1/2 can I bang her?) nope he just says I’m 20 she is 16 &1/2 Jail bait better wait.

Another change that needs to be made is that the people of the state need to be put back in charge of the law. When a judge seeks to overturn a law made by the people, he or she should be required to re-wright the law as he or she would want it, and submit it to the legislature. The legislature looks at it and sends it back to the people to change. The people need their say and approval!
Sorry, Your Honor, It’s just what I think.

I can tell you why I think this will never happen. The people in power like their power. They have families and the families think they can do what they please. They tend to screw up and get mixed up with police. The power players don’t want their screw ups held accountable
There is dam little justice!

S. Henry Knocker