A PSA for Ferguson Missouri

A PSA for Ferguson Missouri
Attention Minority Community
Wanted Minority Recruits for Ferguson MO. Police Department.

***Warning This work is dangerous and physically and mentally demanding***

Applicants must be willing to do the following: Be of good moral fiber, physically fit, and able to pass the Law enforcement standard test for physical fitness, Pass a mental evaluation, Pass an Oral and written Examination,
(Personal mentoring is available by any of our officers that are willing to take you on. You must be bold enough to seek them out and ask for help.)

If you are selected as a rookie officer you WILL endure the following:

At least 400 Hours of intense instruction in criminal Law, civil rights, the US and State Constitutions, basic criminal investigation, basic crime scene investigation, basic traffic investigation, Self-defense tactics, felony stops, advanced first aide, CPR. Fire arms proficiency shoot no shoot training, you will be expected to meet basic standards in all these areas or you WILL be washed out.
If you are accepted you will be put on one year probation. You will be referred to as a Rookie officer the lowest form of human life.

( Veterans does this sound like something you have endured before)

Next you will be given a series of weapons, a badge, uniform, bullet proof vest ECT. You will be taken to a place of public execution and sworn in as commissioned Police Officer.

Don’t let this go to your head because even if you pass the probation period, you won’t be a fully functional officer for five years, Some never get there. They get paid for doing the minimum and getting the maximum. Don’t let that happen to you!

During the time you are becoming an officer you will lose all your racial identity and become blue. You will be abused by, fellow officers, your family, the press, old friends, pastors, wives, and your own children.

Suck it up, work hard, stand tall, you will become Americas finest.

Got the guts for it; or would you like to piss your life away as some two bit hoodlum in the hood

S. Henry Knocker

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