It’s Not All Black and White

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Just like in the plot of an old Barney Miller episode: When a black man is confronted with a source of victimization in which he perceives he was unfairly targeted because of his race and then blames all white men for the perceived insult. The white man then perceives he has been victimized by the assertion that all white men are raciest.

We can conceptually understand the depth of his pain and the tendency to lash out at the white world he blames, for the hurt inflicted by the carless application of a stereotype, but we cannot feel his pain. Neither can he feel the pain of a white man unfairly lumped in with the original perpetrator of the original insult.

Now we come to the media: By Media I mean all the regular information outlets and the race baiters seeking a finical gain from stoking the flames of bigotry. The Al Sharpton’s and David Dukes of the world, the scumbag political hacks that infest the internet, all those who don’t give a dam about the hurt inflicted by individuals of any race.

This did not start with Slavery. Slavery has been around since the beginning of recorded history, it started with one person’s contempt for another. Race is just a convenient accident of nature seized upon to facilitate the acquisition of Money or Power or both.

When one of these dust ups gets started, we all need to remember that we are all just people, and none are without sin. When apologies are in order give them from the heart. What does it cost? A little pride? What is that compared to the pain involved. When apologies are given accept them and move on.

It isn’t anything a little Bar-B-Que and a beer can’t cure

I should interject here that I am not attempting to minimize the nature of tragic encounters involving race. We must at least attempt to keep those who would profit from it from stirring the pot.

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S. Henry Knocker

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