The slow strangling of the middle class

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The slow strangling of the middle class

Those of us that are seen as middle class are slowly being strangled by the insidious attacks of these liberal governments. Dailey I am made aware of some new tax or regulatory change that cost me a few pennies more. It has gotten to the point that we are talking about real money here.

The biggest of these is the massive increase in health care. In my case a $168.00 increase in my wife’s health care insurance premium an additional $2016.00 a year plus the increased in the deductible of $2000.00 then there was a $150.00 extra each year I had to shell out because of a rule the state insurance commissioner decided to implement. School levies are now yearly expenses that never go away. They used to be only necessary when a new building was needed. Add to that all the school supplies we now have to buy. Most of that stuff was supplied when I was in school.

What happened? Well it went like this, teachers and public employees wanted raises and they needed and deserved them. The politicians wanted a legacy. For those of you who don’t know what that is, a legacy is getting your reward on earth and not in heaven. This legacy thing gets all balled up with providing roads and bridges and stuff like that. It always cost us the taxpayer more than we would like. A bronze plaque for this, a bronze plaque for that, and now you’re talking real money that could have been used for school supplies. Maybe you think this is a proper use of public monies maybe you don’t. I wish they would just leave it there, but they don’t

Some Counties are now passing laws that take away plastic bags in the stores we shop in. They won’t let us go back to paper bags because the spotted owl cause might have to be re-lied about. What could be wrong with that? We are saving mother earth!

Well let’s see they put a .05 cent charge on the paper bag, if you need to have one, or you can buy a cloth or plastic bag for from .88 cents to 15.00 dollars depending on how fancy you want your reusable grocery bag to be. Now we have to carry those dang bags with us everywhere because we never know when we might want to stop at the store and pick up a few things. Now those bags get dirty and some of you wash them and some of you carry your pet ferret around in them and then plop the dirty things on the counter in front of me at the grocery store. Now I just know that I will be using my health care deductible even more.

It is an economic fact that there is nothing the government dose that cost me and you nothing. They tax us directly or they do it indirectly they prefer to do it indirectly because it is harder for us to detect but it all trickles down to us. Frankly I would rather have Jobs trickling down than some new mandate, fee, or tax. How about you?

S Henry Knocker

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