The lynching of a blue person

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The lynching of a blue person

You would think that a community that endured unspeakable atrocities in the first part of the 1960, and witnessed the birth of freedom generated by DR. King, would be just a little bit more concerned when elements in their community start lynching the very people dedicated to the preservation of the rights they so bitterly won.

The police, whether you believe it or not, are a minority too. It does not matter what color you are when one joins the police. What matters is what color you are when you are deployed to the streets. Police officers are not white, black, yellow or red they are blue. They stand in the breach for law and order.

There is a transition that occurs as the officer matures. The officer in effect becomes blue. If this transition is not evident at the end of an officers probation they are terminated. Can one or two slip, through the screening? Yes that can and will happen from time to time.

It happened in Mississippi when a racist sheriff was elected and he hired, what were openly KKK members, as deputies and Mississippi burned, remember that? The KKK was Happy to see that the result of their criminality was the destruction of a community. They are happy to see this community is at odds with the very people that brought the KKK to justice, and continue to suppress their agenda.

Stop looking at the police as the enemy. Some politicians are the enemy. Look at who or what group is abdicating disorder. That person or group is KKK and they are at it again. It don’t matter what color they are.

Officer Wilson did not shoot a school boy. He shot a suicidal thug that ended his own life by attacking a police officer. The KKK among you are sticking their hands in the air and repeating a lie designed to destroy what should be a close relationship between a community and It’s police officers.

Please read my blog ;( a P S A for Ferguson Missouri) they are YOUR police. You need to be a part of the police, not at war with them.

S. Henry Knocker

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