Into the Streets you Blue People

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Into the Streets you Blue People

Is the grand jury meeting now to consider whether to indict the witness that lied to them?
Lying to incite a riot? That is the question that bothers me. Can a person be held to account for the lies they tell that incite others to commit criminal acts? We have thugs, politicians, and newspapers all spreading lies and people all over the world are in the streets because of the basic lie that police are racist.

I am here and now calling on police all over the world to protest this myth. Go into the streets with your faces painted Blue as a statement that there are no “white Cops”. There are no “black Cops” there are no cops of any color but “Blue” There are more racist in the clergy than there are racist Police officers

Shame on you people that believe this tripe, shame on you liberals that believe those lies. Shame on the press for printing the lies and showing that thugs picture in a cap and gown as though he was anything other than the thug he was.

You COWARDS ! How dare you impugn these brave men and women.

We have had about enough of it

Into the streets my brothers and sisters into the streets, paint your faces get those that support you to hold up signs that say shame on you that believe the lie.

S. Henry Knocker

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