The Reason I have said; “You have to give thugs a reason not to do it”

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The Reason I have said; “You have to give thugs a reason not to do it”
If ever there was a time to get back to sending a message it is now. Riotous thugs need to be shot on sight! What happened to us? We have been wossfied by the left leaning press. The only reason to deploy the National Guard to a riot zone is to send the message that riot will not be tolerated. Letting a bunch of thugs burn stores under cover of legitimate protest is the height of folly.

This all started with the Kent State National Guard confrontation May 4th 1970. The fault was the inappropriate use of the guard to police a war protest on a collage campus. The guard should only be used when there is a clear and present danger of riot. It should never be used to score political points.

The Governor of Missouri needs to resign, and the folks hurt by his inept administration need to be compensated. There was never a more clear case of politicizing crisis in the history of this nation since the Army was used to put down the veterans bonus army incident in Washington D C in 1932

Governor Nixon being warned, that thuggish elements within the mix of protesters, were planning a repeat of the earlier mayhem that occurred in Ferguson; rightly activated the National Guard.

Unfortunately for the people of Ferguson, that’s as far as he was willing to go. He should have announced that if there was any repeat of the looting, the looters would be shot on sight. He then should have placed a military leader out front. If he had there never would have been a second riot.

But he was a yellow bellied liberal coward and look what transpired? Millions in damage and people killed anyway.

Believe me you just have to give thugs a REASON not to do it.

S. Henry Knocker

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