The Ferguson Missouri riots are an outrage.

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Bob Beckel and his liberal friends are responsible of this national tragedy. The Ferguson Missouri riots are an outrage. Once again the police are being blamed for the outrages of liberal politicians. Sorry Bob, but I heard what came out of your mouth.

The real genesis of this problem is the conversations that take place around the tables of black families’ every day. These conversations are born out of the ignorance that is willingly accepted as fact in this community of citizens. The conversations I speak of are the ones that tear down the police.

Folks the police are not responsible for the situation that you are faced with. Liberal politicians are responsible. They try to appease you rather than educate you. They do this because they want you to vote as a block for them and it is working. When did they ever fight for policy’s that created jobs for poor communities? They would rather hand you a check for sitting on your butts and keep you ready to fill the streets to loot and destroy the dreams of those of you who should dare to step up and invest in yourself.

The schools in poor neighborhoods are the worst in the country. Do they support charter schools? NO! Do they push for discipline in the public schools? NO! Can anyone learn in an undisciplined environment? NO! Can you get a job if you are undisciplined? NO! Will things ever improve for poor black in the inner cities if the liberal politicians have their way? NO! Why should things change? They have you where they want you. The Liberal KKK has you where they want you. Where it is easy to control you with Hate, Drugs, and your own Ignorance. As a group you should go into the streets and hug the police, join them then turn them around and sick them on the real enemy, criminal politicians that treat you as their personal property.

I know that stings but that’s what you have done to yourselves. No politician deserves your support just because? Support must be earned and not with lip service alone. By the way dependence on politicians at all is fool hardy, because you don’t get nothing for nothing. There are no free gifts. You will pay no matter what!

That young police officer in Ferguson Did in my opinion screw up, but it was not a criminal screw up it was a tactical screw up. Maybe he didn’t see it coming. I hope, I would have, if it happened to me. It did not happen to me so I’m not going to second guess him for it. He will, right or wrong, carry the doubt with him the rest of his career. He will be a better officer in the future, if he realizes that tombstone courage is best left in the locker room and everything looks better with a little backup.

Just my thoughts on the matter

S. Henry Knocker

4 thoughts on “The Ferguson Missouri riots are an outrage.”

  1. I am so sick and tired of black people rioting when a verdict does not go their way. They want change in the way they are treated? After this incident – all the country looks at them as idiots and criminals. This sets back the black race once again. I don’t see illegals burning down towns during their protests. Everybody is sick of black people crying fowl. Move on – get a job – your racist actions only create more racism. I know right now I hate black people and I shouldn’t but this is sickening. They are the biggest race of whiners in the history of the United States.


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