Understanding -V- A Reason Not to Do It

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Understanding -V- A Reason Not to Do It

The Liberal mind set is on understanding, rather than the Conservatives mantra of simply stating the expectation and expecting compliance.

These two views of the world don’t have to be at odds. The police should be rightly seen as the line drawers. They should be ones that give us all a reason not to transgress. The courts and the social services agencies should be in the business of meeting out justice and rehabilitation. The two should rarely be at odds. , but they are frequently.

Why is it then the case, that they are at odds?

I am going to try to explain it as I have come to see the problem. It is not just Liberalism that is the problem. We are the problem. We seed power to the courts to dispense Justice. We restrict the judgeships to lawyers. Lawyers are servants of the law. Lawyers for the most part look at the law as an absolute. Justice plays only an accidental role in the mind of a lawyer. In this system a rich man can rob a poor man by manipulation, and use lawyers to make the law his hammer. There is no justice here. It is my view that Judges should not be lawyers and lawyers should never be judges. The two carrier paths should be different. A judge should be concerned with the law but never a slave to it. When applying the law a judge should ask; is this Justice? They should not be thinking “If I am not re-elected and I go back to the law what president should I set here?” (Yes I think this go’s on!)

The argument against this is the law is so complicated that judges need to be lawyers. B.S. They make it complicated for a reason and it has little to do with Justice. If you have two good lawyers telling the judge what they think the law says, and the Judge can read, why do you need a third lawyer? Any second year cop could do the job. That would be a conflict of interest you say? And I say: A prosecutor or defense attorney becoming a judge isn’t a conflict of interest, give me a break.

The police should be able to look at a law and make black and white judgments as to whether to make arrests. This one is over 18. That one is under 18. A complaint is made and they arrest. The at risk youth don’t have to think (let’s see I’m 20 she is 16 1/2 can I bang her?) nope he just says I’m 20 she is 16 &1/2 Jail bait better wait.

Another change that needs to be made is that the people of the state need to be put back in charge of the law. When a judge seeks to overturn a law made by the people, he or she should be required to re-wright the law as he or she would want it, and submit it to the legislature. The legislature looks at it and sends it back to the people to change. The people need their say and approval!
Sorry, Your Honor, It’s just what I think.

I can tell you why I think this will never happen. The people in power like their power. They have families and the families think they can do what they please. They tend to screw up and get mixed up with police. The power players don’t want their screw ups held accountable
There is dam little justice!

S. Henry Knocker

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