Blog 76 Lets send shutters threw the hearts of criminals

Would it not be fun, if one or two of the presidential candidates took this tract with the terrorist

  I will sign an executive order giving the VFW and American Legion members the right to carry arms anywhere in the country as reserve deputy U.S. Martials. Then ask local jurisdictions to train those that volunteer at the various Halls and Posts on how to respond to acts of terror should they be called to defend their fellow citizens from an attack.

Those killers in Chicago shooting little kids in the street would have to think twice about popping rounds off willy-nilly. Why is any politician in this country being allowed to put up with any of this? We see people in the streets protesting but they are not the right people. They are the problem people.

I as retired police officer and VFW member: I know what to do when the bad actors attack. I am Armed. I know how to use my weapon, and I will act accordingly if I have to.

You who are not so blessed as I am with the knowledge and ability to defend myself and others, need to get off your duff, can the BS about the Police and get on the phone to your representatives.  VOTE the SOB’s out of office that don’t see that we are at war with radicals whatever their criminal persuasion.

When two or more people come together, with the intent to violate the law, or assist others to violate a law. That my friend is a criminal conspiracy, in and of its self. With this in mind ; I ask why is anyone in this country putting up with sanctuary city’s? to put up with it is to make criminals of the voters that condone it.

As lethal as these terrorist are, quibbling over how we get them or where we house them seems to me to be a fool’s endeavor. They are enemy combatants or spies and saboteurs and are not entitled to rights of any kind. Look it up if you don’t believe it. I’ll go a step further and say any person illegally in this country who commits a crime whereby damage to property occurs or injures or assaults any government employee; makes war on this country and needs to be treated accordingly.

I for one have had enough of this. If you agree feel free to copy this and send it to your representative with your own thoughts on the matter

  S. Henry Knocker

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