The regulation of human conduct, or why the police do what they do.

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The regulation of human conduct

That’s what the police are all about regulating conduct. On this blog I would like to place before the reader the differing views within this great republic, we call the United States of America. I would like to do this with an eye towards the humorous and perplexing. Below I have listed the various categories I believe these views fall in to.  I have left out libertarian and fascist  because they each are complex and can be found within the spectrum of liberalism and conservatism. Of cores anarchist are in a class by themselves.

The liberal View

The ultra-liberal view

The conservative View

Then ultra-conservative view


I invite the reader to into a discussion and debate as to why police do what they do. I will endeavor to be as honest as I know how to be I will take current events and war stories from actual events and attempt to explain why we do what we do. If I gore your OX let me know. Please let’s keep the dialog respectful.

Here is an expert from my book.     A view from the street / River City Policing     Due out this winter

“Shortly after I joined the Police in “River City” I was riding with one of the old Veteran officers. We were talking and the conversation was somehow turned to the topic of who were the worst drivers. He postulated that Asians were worst old people were second and women were third.

  That’s when I bit. I asked the question. What do you do when you see an old Asian woman driving in front of you? His answer came quickly. TURN LEFT!

Don’t let your personal feelings about people; affect your judgment about anything, in this job. I had been set up, but the lesson was clear. I have never forgotten the lesson.” 

This was a teaching moment It was designed to feel me out, and see where my head was, in regards to my personal  belief systems. This was in 1969. Think about that.  There were race riots all over this country. Police were routinely depicted in the media as “jack booted storm troopers”.

Recruiting a police officer from the public is a little like Forrest Gump said, its like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get. You might get sweet caramel and chocolates or you might get sweet chocolates and nuts. You won’t know what you got till you put it to the test.

Now Ill put you to the test. Was this an effective way to test my chocolates?


S. Henry Knocker

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