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You Can.t lie to your wallet

Blog 22 theknockerblog.com

You Can.t lie to your wallet

The Liberals will have us believe the lie that they are the smartest people in the land, and if we will just trust them, we can all live in a society that is all milk and honey. I wonder where they got that idea. The devil is a copycat.

Well Listen up! You can’t lie to your wallet! You can only ignore the fact that it is lighter. If you are poor that is a tall order.

There is a basic economic fact that there is no tax that doesn’t hit the poor! If you tax a corporation the corporation adjusts the way it compensates its self. Assuming they don’t fire people which they will, if they can. They either raise prices, lower quality or quantity or both. It is that simple. It will cost the consumer more to get goods and services. I Challenge any liberal to show me different.

The only argument the liberals have to tax us is that, they in their infinite wisdom can spend our money better than we can. Then they spend our money to buy themselves votes. Oh and by the way we have to hire them at obscene salaries to do the job.

&.When will we ever learn? &. When will we ever learn? Anyone want to sing along or better yet write this protest song?

I know you are out there, you defenders of the “Home of the Brave”. Stand up! Buckle up! Stand in the door! Jump up and VOTE THESE LYING THUGS OUT!

Well I’m glad I got that off my chest

How is the weather out your way? It has been a bit cool out here in liberal land, The Pacific North West. There are still a few of us trying to heat things up but we are up against the global warming crowed; and you know how that is.

Go Hawks

S. Henry Knocker

The Fact that the I R S Exists is proof that America is the Home Of the Brave

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The Fact that the I R S Exists is proof that America is the Home Of the Brave
We must love misery. We have lived under this sword for over 100 years.

Amendment XVI (1913)

“The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census of enumeration.”

You would think that after getting hit in the head every April 15th that the average citizen would call their congressmen and request they look into a better way of funding the government, one that required less paperwork for the tax payer. Why are we chained to all this paper and hours of computer time just so we don’t give the I R S any reason to Jail us.

I have not paid a dime in federal income tax in twenty years. Because of my disability retirement I don’t have to. One year my accountant said, “why it not necessary for you to file”, I said whoopee got that off my back. The next year I got slammed with an audit. I found out that it was better to pay the accountant than to strain the brain of the I R S. So for twenty years I have been paying an accountant to tell me and the IRS something that we [all] already know.

Now the IRS is in charge of our health care. Now they can kill me off and still make my kids dig me up so I can continue to file. Well that’s what I believe will happen. I think someone up there read Joseph Heller’s book Catch 22.

I think the better solution is a value added tax. The Government could still screw with us all day long by manipulating the tax on this or that, but we would not be doing the paper work as individuals. The company accountants would handle it and I could go fishing on the first two weeks of April instead of doing all that paperwork, and retirement might mean something. Even better if some of us don’t want to fund this or that we can just make all of our own stuff and get in trouble bootlegging. I’m sure we can keep the federal prisons full. They will hardly miss a beat. Nobody gets hurt and I can go fishing.

S. Henry knocker

Double down and lie some more

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Double down and lie some more

Nancy!— Nancy!— Nancy! You have stepped into the tar pit!

Ok it is not enough that the former Speaker of the House; Nancy Pelosi is seen as the voice of Obama Care. Now she is seen as the liar in chief of a Democratic Party; top heavy with Prevaricators. The new liberal wing of the Democratic Party seems bent on sticking to the “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”, tactic that the criminal element among us is so famous for.

What is the matter with you guys? You really do think we are stupid. Where are the voices from the left telling her to just shut up already!

OH, give me the days of Scoop Jackson and Tip O’Neil. Don’t you think you are giving us independents the impression that you have become a criminal element within the government?

It is time for new leaders in the Democratic Party. If there are any young Dem.’s with backbone now is the time to show it. These old curmudgeons have got to go, and by go, I mean go to jail, and here is why.

If you or I lie to a government official we will get 10 years for the lie and if you or I conspire with others in doing so, we will all get another 10 years for that. In the lead up to the passage to this national healthcare law they did exactly that to us. Who the Hell do they think they are?

There I have said my peace But I won’t hold my breath.

S Henry Knocker

The everybody does it defense

Blog 19 theknockerblog.com

The everybody does it defense

It seems that once again the political class is determined to spin their way out of a smelly situation. Yesterday on fox I saw no less than three of the regular apologist for the liberals come to the defense of the Americans are stupid comments, made by the architect of Obama care, by saying in effect everybody does it. The Republicans do it too. It’s just politics.

B.S. I’m not buying it! I’m sick and tired of these liars jumping out of the frying pan by pointing there boney fingers at the rest of us and trying to implicate everyone in their criminal behavior. Let me tell you what happened when I tried that with my grandfather when I was eight. Apparently these people never had a grandfather that loved them. Mine said this to me

“ I don’t care what the other boys did YOU are going to apologize to those you wronged. You will clean up the mess YOU made, and never do anything like this again, or I’ll fix it so YOU can’t sit down for a week”
Then my Dad, my Mother and two uncles said the same thing

Where do these political thieves get off? They reached in our wallets and went to the store and bought Ice cream for the whole neighborhood. Well the kids on the block love them, but it was at our expense, and some of us are going to have a hard time making ends meet this Christmas as a result. How dare they try to blow this off and smirk about it; Mr. Colmes!

You won’t laugh if I indict you as a criminal coconspirator.
Some of you liberals need to have your Grandpa talk.

Grandpa S. Henry Knocker


Are the American People Really Stupid?

Blog 18 theknockerblog.com

Are the American People Really Stupid?

“First you have to pass the bill before you can know what is in it”. We didn’t grab our rifles and head for Washington DC: And then came November 2012 and they denied the smoke coming out of the ears of the American Electric. Now comes November 2014 and we find out that the left; thought all along that the voting public was Stupid.

It is time “we the people” remind the political class we are aware of the politicians creed. “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”

Now I’ll add this; and I’m looking you square in the eye politicians of this country; fooling the people is not advised! November 2016 is coming

J F K said “ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country” and then he cheated on our first lady. Nixon said “I am not a crook” and resigned the presidency: And every manor of duplicity has been rot on the American people. Well! I for one am sick of it. If we have to have a come to Jesus moment with the American political class; then so be it!

Republicans it is your turn. We will see if you are up to the job. Maybe what we need from you is a constitutional amendment that says any legislation that is passed with lies to the electret is void. Of course that would effectively end the I R S would it not? Yah, that promise; that it would only be 3% and only affect the rich might scuttle that ship.

A little advice and then I’ll shut up and let someone else comment on what I have said.

When you are in your respective caucuses and someone says “this or that will not fly with the American people. Drop it: don’t say but we can make FOOLS OUT OF THEM in this way or that. Just punch the offender in the right eye and throw it out the door so the people of it’s State can deal with it in the proper manor, and YES I meant ”IT.”

Sometimes you just have to beat the FOOL out of people.

S. Henry Knocker

A snippet from My Book; A View From The Street/ River City Policing; coming out this winter

Blog 17
A snippet from My Book; A View From The Street/ River City Policing; coming out this winter
A day in the life of The Corporal

I was minding my own business on a warm fall day. Our Corporal had been dispatched to the scene of a car-deer encounter. The Corporal was one of those tender-hearted souls who had a hard time with gun play. He had been involved early in his career in a shootout with a robbery suspect in which his training officer was wounded.

After I cleared a call, the Corporal called me to assist him. I pulled up and the conversation went like this.

“Hi Knocker, I have situation here. There is this deer, and it has been hit by a car, and there is no animal control unit on duty now, and I was thinking you’re good at this sort of thing. I just can’t do it.” “What am I good at?” I asked. “Well you know the deer is hurt? It keeps looking at me. I just can’t do it, do you mind?”

I know you’re thinking Officer Knocker was screwing with the Corporal, and you would be right. I was playing stupid with him, letting him dangle. He was a corporal and could order me to shoot the deer, but he could not bring himself to shoot the deer or to order me to do it. I am of the belief that if you are confronted with a situation like this and you don’t take the opportunity to screw with the “do the minimum” office poge, you are just not being reasonable.

You have to have fun with this job or drink heavily. I chose fun. I kept obfuscating until he walked me over to the deer. I looked at it and said,” Yeah, you should just shoot it when there are no cars in view.” “Well a I well I can’t a would you mind a.” “Oh! Do you want me to shoot the thing?” I asked. “Well, yeah!” came the somewhat annoyed response. “Oh, ok.” I said.

All the pent up tension that the Corporal was experiencing was released at that moment.

I pulled my weapon and fired one round hitting the deer between the eyes and re-holstered. The Corporal jumped straight up in the air and yelled, Dang it, Knocker! You were supposed to wait till I was ready.” All the tension that was previously released was back. “You can’t do this to me Knocker.” “Why not? Isn’t that why they pay you all that extra money? Do you want me to leave a note for animal control, or do you think you could do that? Yah I can do that. Oh I’ll need around to replace the one I fired? Here take one of mine says the corporal. Gee did you have to do that he asked? Well I’m off. See you later I said
Some people are cut out to be cops and some are cut out to be insurance agents. We had a lot of insurance agents and not enough Real cops. Just something I like to muse about.

S. Henry Knocker